High Profit in New Industrial Market

Xeltek SuperPro5000 family of programmers provides very high-end performance and yet priced affordably compared to other high-end competitions. Xeltek has been successful displacing high-end models from Data I/O and BPM System. Industry leaders such as Intel, Medical equipment companies, and government have turned  toward Xeltek SuperPro for high volume purchasing. Please check the statements below for your verification. Xeltek SuperPro5000 family of programmers are the highest selling models among high-end universal programmers.


Our Goal:

To provide the best programmer value because value is an advantage you can maintain through a combination of price, schedule, service, and relationships. If your marketing focuses mostly on price you'll train customers to constantly look for a lower price, both from you and your competition.


Our Effective Strategy:

Increase your profit selling high-end models and also penetrate a new industrial market, which could not be done with low-end programmer models. Let Xeltek help you to penetrate the market in your country.

Big order for high end programmers 1


Big order for high end programmers 2


Big order for high end programmers 3


Lets expand together because any manufacturer could offer low prices, but  not all could offer high quality programmers that engineers require.