ZMD Device Programmers

ZMD chips supported by Xeltek Device Programmers

Xeltek is proud to support following ZMD Technologies devices on Universal programmers:
U62256 [DX0001]                     U6264 [DX0001] 
U6264@SOIC28                        U6264A [DX0001]                     
U6264A@SOIC28 [DX1035]              U62H256A@SOIC28 [DX1035]            
U62H256S@SOIC28 [DX1035]            U62H64SA@SOIC28 [DX1033]            
U630H16 [DX0001]                    U630H16@SOIC28 [DX1035]             
U630H64 [DX0001]                    U630H64@SOIC28 [DX1035]             
U631H16 [DX0001]                    U631H16@SOIC24 [DX1033]             
U631H16@SOIC28 [DX1035]             U631H256 [DX0001]                   
U631H256@SOIC28 [DX1035]            U631H64 [DX0001]                    
U631H64@SOIC28 [DX1035]             U632H16 [DX0001]                    
U632H16@SOIC28 [DX1035]             U632H64 [DX0001]                    
U632H64@SOIC28 [DX1035]             U634H256 [DX0001]                   
U634H256@SOIC32 [DX1035]            U635H16 [DX0001]                    
U635H16@SOIC24 [DX1033]             U635H256 [DX0001]                   
U635H256@SOIC28 [DX1035]            U635H64 [DX0001]                    
U635H64@SOIC28 [DX1035]             U63716 [DX0001]                     
U637256 [DX0001]                    U63764 [DX0001]                     
U637H256 [DX0001]                   UL62H256A@SOIC28 [DX1035]           
UL631H256@SOIC28 [DX1035]           UL631H256@TSOP32 [DX1002]           
UL634H256@SOIC32 [DX1035]           UL634H256@TSOP32 [DX1002]           
UL635H256@SOIC28 [DX1035]           UL635H256@SOIC32 [DX1002]
UL635H256@SOIC32 [DX1002

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