ZENTEL Device Programmers

Zentel Electronics Corp. was invested by Powerchip Group in 2002 specializing dynamic random access memory (DRAM) design and manufacturing using advanced fabrication process technology.

Xeltek is proud to support following Zentel Technologies devices on Universal programmers:

A5U1GA31ATS@TSOP48 [DX1004-1] A5U2GA31ATS@TSOP48 [DX1004-1] A5U2GA31BTS@TSOP48 [DX1004-1] 
A5U4GA31ATS@TSOP48 [DX1004-1] A5U8GA31ATS@TSOP48 [DX1004-1] A5UA31ATS@TSOP48 [DX1004-3] 

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Recommended Programmer Models: