XINNOVA Device Programmers

Xinnova Technology Ltd. is a semiconductor company, specializes in designing, product engineering, manufacturing and marketing low-power, low-voltage (1.2V) plus high-speed Microcontroller(MCU), Smart card and Flash Memory Integrated Circuits.

Xeltek is proud to support following Xinnova Technologies devices on Universal programmers:

XN89F515 [DX0001] XN89F515@PLCC44 [DX2044] XN89F515@TQFP44 [DX3002] XN89L515 [DX0001] 
XN89L515@PLCC44 [DX2044] XN89L515@TQFP44 [DX3002] XN89W517 [DX0001] XN89W517@LQFP48 [DX3007] 
XN89W517@PLCC44 [DX2044] XN89W517@PQFP44 [DX3002] 

For more information, please click the button below or call 408-530-8080.

Recommended Programmer Models: