WELTREND Device Programmers

Weltrend is a leading fabless semiconductor company, also known as IC design house, specializing in the planning, design, testing, application development and distribution of its IC products.

Xeltek is proud to support following Weltrend Technologies devices on Universal programmers:

WT61P4K420@SDIP42 [DX0042] WT61P4K421@SDIP42 [DX0042] 
WT61P4K422@SDIP42 [DX0042]          WT61P4L440@PLCC44 [DX2044]          
WT61P4N400 [DX0001]                 WT61P4N401 [DX0001]                 
WT61P6K420@SDIP42 [DX0042]          WT61P6L440@PLCC44 [DX2044]          
WT61P6L441@PLCC44 [DX2044]          WT61P6S@TQFP44 [DX3003]             
WT61P7@LQFP44 [DX3003]              WT61P7@PLCC44 [DX2044]              
WT61P7@TQFP48 [DX3007]              WT61P8@TQFP44 [DX3003]              
WT61P8S@TQFP44 [DX3003]             WT62P1-K42@SDIP42 [DX0042]          
WT62P1-N28(dip28) [DX0001]          WT62P1-N40(dip40) [DX0001]          
WT62P1-N42(dip42) [DX0001]          WT62P1-S44@PSOP44 [DX1014]          
WT62P2-K42@SDIP42 [DX0042]          WT62P2-L44@PLCC44 [DX2044]          
WT62P2-N40(dip40) [DX0001]          WT62P2-N42(dip42) [DX0001]          
WT62P2-S44@PSOP44 [DX1014]          WT6702F@SOP16 [DX1016]              
WT6702F@SOP20 [DX1033]              WT6702F@SOP24 [DX1033]              
WT6702F@SSOP20 [DX1025]             WT6703F@SOP20 [DX1033]              
WT6703F@SOP24 [DX1033]              WT6703F@SOP28 [DX1033]              
WT6703F@SSOP20 [DX1025]             WT6703F@SSOP24 [DX1025]             
WT6703FS161@SSOP16 [DX1016]         WT6703FS163@SSOP16 [DX1016]

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Recommended Programmer Models: