TMC Device Programmers

TMC designs and manufactures advanced building floor vibration isolation systems for nanotechnology. TMC isolators support ultra precision measurements, instruments, and manufacturing

Xeltek is proud to support following TMC Technologies devices on Universal programmers:

24A01 [DX0001] 24A01@SOIC8 [DX1045] 
24A01@TSSOP8 [DX1059]               24A02 [DX0001]                      
24A02@SOIC8 [DX1045]                24A02@TSSOP8 [DX1059]               
24A04 [DX0001]                      24A04@SOIC8 [DX1045]                
24A04@TSSOP8 [DX1059]               24A08 [DX0001]                      
24A08@SOIC8 [DX1045]                24A08@TSSOP8 [DX1059]               
24A16 [DX0001]                      24A16@SOIC8 [DX1045]                
24A16@TSSOP8 [DX1059]               93LC46(08bit) [DX0001]              
93LC46(08bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        93LC46(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]       
93LC46(16bit) [DX0001]              93LC46(16bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
93LC46(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]       93LC56(08bit) [DX0001]              
93LC56(08bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        93LC56(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]       
93LC56(16bit) [DX0001]              93LC56(16bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
93LC56(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]       93LC57 [DX0001]                     
93LC57@SOIC8 [DX1045]               93LC57@TSSOP8 [DX1059]              
93LC66(08bit) [DX0001]              93LC66(08bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
93LC66(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]       93LC66(16bit) [DX0001]              
93LC66(16bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        93LC66(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]       
93LC86(08bit) [DX0001]              93LC86(08bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
93LC86(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]       93LC86(16bit) [DX0001]              
93LC86(16bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        93LC86(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

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Recommended Programmer Models: