AiT Device Programmers

AiT Semiconductor is a Fabless IC Design Company devoted to design and marketing analog & mixed signal integrated circuits (IC).

Xeltek is proud to support following AiT Technologies devices on Universal programmers:

A24C02 [DX0001] A24C02@SOP8 [DX1045] 
A24C02@SOT23-5 [DX1041]             A24C02@TSSOP8 [DX1059]              
A24C04 [DX0001]                     A24C04@SOP8 [DX1045]                
A24C04@SOT23-5 [DX1041]             A24C04@TSSOP8 [DX1059]              
A24C08 [DX0001]                     A24C08@SOP8 [DX1045]                
A24C08@SOT23-5 [DX1041]             A24C08@TSSOP8 [DX1059]              
A24C128@SOP8 [DX1045]               A24C128@TSSOP8 [DX1059]             
A24C16 [DX0001]                     A24C16@SOP8 [DX1045]                
A24C16@SOT23-5 [DX1041]             A24C16@TSSOP8 [DX1059]              
A24C256@SOP8 [DX1045]               A24C256@TSSOP8 [DX1059]             
A24C32@DFN8 [DX4047]                A24C32@SOP8 [DX1045]                
A24C32@TSSOP8 [DX1059]              A24C64@SOP8 [DX1045]                
A24C64@TSSOP8 [DX1059]              A93C46(08bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]         
A93C46(08bit)@tsSOP8 [DX1059]       A93C46(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]         
A93C46(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]       A93C56(08bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]         
A93C56(08bit)@tsSOP8 [DX1059]       A93C56(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]         
A93C56(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]       A93C66(08bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]         
A93C66(08bit)@tsSOP8 [DX1059]       A93C66(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]         
A93C66(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

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Recommended Programmer Models: