ACT Device Programmers

ACT TECHNOLOGIES was founded in 1998 to respond to the need of Louisiana's River Parishes (St. Charles, St. John The Baptist, and St. James) for a localized service company to attend to their computer needs.

Xeltek is proud to support following ACT Technologies devices on Universal programmers:

93LC46(08bit) [DX0001] 93LC46(08bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045] 
<span class="redactor-invisible-space">93LC46(16bit) [DX0001]              93LC46(16bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
93LC56(08bit) [DX0001]              93LC56(08bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
93LC56(16bit) [DX0001]              93LC56(16bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
93LC66(08bit) [DX0001]              93LC66(08bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
93LC66(16bit) [DX0001]              93LC66(16bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
93LC86(08bit) [DX0001]              93LC86(08bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
93LC86(16bit) [DX0001]              93LC86(16bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]        
ACT-F128K32N@PGA66 [DX5000]         ACT-F512K32N@PGA66 [DX5000]</span>

For more information, please click the button below or call 408-530-8080.

Recommended Programmer Models: