Creating a Project File for SuperBOT

Open the SuperPro Software.

Select your device in the library.

Device -> Device Select

Type in your Device's part number and select the correct package type.

Now you can load your Data File.

File -> Load File

Locate your Data File by clicking on the Location Button

If you need to set up Configurations please open the Dev. Config

In the Configuration Word Box please enter your Bits base on your requirements. 

After loading your Data file or setting up your Configurations now you will need to set up your Operation Options.

Device -> Edit Auto

If you're programming Used chips you may Select: Erase, Program & Verify.

For brand new chips please select: Program & Verify.

*To program Configurations you must Operate: Security, Protect, or Lock_Blocks after Verify. 

The project file is now completed and needs to be saved.

Project -> Save Project