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SuperPro IS01 Mass Production Mode

SuperPro IS01 is a high performance, high quality production grade ISP programmer. It is portable (stand-alone operation using SD card) and is suitable for volume production. Up to 12 programmers can be connected to a single PC for programming multiple PCBs or all the programmers can be used in stand-alone mode (forming clusters). Xeltek recommends stand-alone operation of programmers due to the following reasons:

Why Standalone programmer?

SuperPro IS01 has a working mode called “mass production", that is, once the programmer detects that the target board is ready and receives an ISP signal, it immediately starts the functional operation defined by AUTO without keyboard operation. TPIN and TPOUT in the ISP port are provided for this purpose. TPOUT supplies high level, and TPIN is the level detection input line. If these points are short-circuited on the target board, once ISP signal is applied to the test point, TPIN immediately detects high level, and AUTO command sequence can be started.

SuperPro IS01 currently supports

chips using most ISP protocols, such as: I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, CAN, ICC, RS232, etc. To check if your chip is supported, please see our Device list. If the chip is not supported, then we can work on supporting it on SuperPro IS01.

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