Benefits Of Our Network

  • Technology: Stand-alone mode programming technology allows universal programmers to be used also in manufacturing opening up a huge market. SuperPro 7500, 6100N, IS01, IS03, IS416 support stand-alone programming. Also, utilization of ARM7/9 32bit MCU combined with internal Linux operating system make them the most advanced and versatile programmers in the industry.
  • Device Support: At 103,300+ device support, Xeltek is the leader in the industry with new device support. R&D engineers looking to use new chips in the design will look for SuperPro programmers and they are likely to stay with SuperPro into production. From Engineering to Production with smooth migration. A win-win strategy.
  • One-stop Shop: Xeltek products cover wide range of applications from low-end to high-performance engineering and from Gang and Cluster medium volume programming to Automated Handlers capable of programming 2,500 devices per hour. Current models available are SuperPro 6100N, 7500, X108, 610P as Universal IC Programmers, SuperPro 7504, 6104NGP as Production (Gang) Programmer, SuperPro IS01, IS416, IS03, XPS02 as In-System Programmers. Automated Programming System are available with SuperBot-5, 5e, 5x, 4, 2, and 1 (series 1 is refurbished) models.
  • Price and Value: Xeltek strives to provide highest value to customers. SuperPro 6104 with 103K+ device support at only $1,595 equals to only 2.5cents per device supported, which represents highest value in the industry.

Become a Xeltek Distributor

Manufacturer & Supplier of cost effective programming solutions for memory, microcontroller and programmable logical devices.

Xeltek, Inc. provides the largest programming solutions worldwide since 1991. Our locations in the heart of Silicon Valley (USA) and China let us access and support the latest IC devices released by neighboring semiconductor companies; we have the largest device support count in the programming industry.

With our same day response and same day shipping for more than fifteen products lines, we cover programming demands from engineering to automated manufacturing with top-of-the-line programmers. Xeltek constantly releases faster programmers to meet today's performance expectation with true stand-alone programming technology (No PC Required).

Why become a Xeltek distributor?

Exclusive Services
  • Generous discount schedule.
  • Priority on popular inventory items.
  • Exclusive distributor discounts.
  • Free Device Search tool for partner's website.
  • Free marketing services (effective marketing campaigns tailored to various business operations).
  • Customer requested device support in as little as one week (industry average is more than 2 months).
  • Large product inventory for same day shipment.
  • On-site technical support from Sunnyvale, California (USA).
  • Operations with over eighty international distributors worldwide, providing quick programmer solutions to remote regions.
  • Occasional special promotion such as free shipping and drop shipment services.

Technological Advantage

  • Competitive R&D and manufacturing advancements.
  • Full in-system programming (ISP) solution and support - difficult to support due to board constraints. ISP is not offered by many programmer manufacturers.
  • Extensive device library (over 84,600*) devices being updated constantly.
  • True Stand-Alone programmers - no PC required.
  • Supports large NAND / eMMC devices (up to 256 GB!) - ideal for today's IC device speed and file size requirement.

Xeltek currently has open territories for programmer representatives around the world. Potential Xeltek distributors should have experience distributing electronic equipments or IC programmers, but we still look forward to explore opportunities with those that have limited programmer background.

If you have a strong passion for electronics and want to work with one of the top programmer manufacturers in industry, simply fill out the form below to begin your evaluation process. After completing the evaluation process, territories are granted based on a first come basis.


"Xeltek has been committed to providing the best value and services in the industry for the past 20 years. SuperPro6100 Universal programmer, with 100,400 device support and dual operational modes (engineering and manufacturing) features, has led the industry for the past several years. Current SuperPro series with ARM9 implementation raising the programming speed up to 30 times, have raised the bar yet another notch in the low-cost programmer industry".

[Sam Kim, CEO / President Xeltek, Inc.]

*Device count as of date. See Xeltek Device lists of current programmers for the latest device count.

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