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Last stop at Xeltek

Xeltek has been operating for the last 31 years and has become the last stop for the majority of professionals in the device programming industry. We serve electronics manufacturers around the world and are honored to be described as a one stop shop for all device programming needs. But why do people choose Xeltek universal programmers? Some of the main reasons are:

  • Largest device support in the programming industry.
  • Stand-alone programming for people who seek PC independent solutions.
  • Best value considering the number of devices supported and the price has been paid.
  • Security of data that can be kept on an external memory after programming mode completed.
  • Comprehensive socket adapters support that reaches over 1800.
  • Excellent customer service quality and after sales support.
  • Quick technical support response.
  • Same day shipping for 99.9% of orders.

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