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  • High throughput, up to 1200 UPH
  • Four built-in SuperPro 5000 programmers.
  • Supports tray, tape and tube input and output
  • Supports laser and ink marking
  • Short change-over time
  • Intelligent software cuts learning curve and setup time while simplifying task management
  • Compact chassis design
  • CE and RoHS Compliant

Socket adapters sold separately.

To find the compatible adapter for your chip please visit our Device Search Tool.

DIP Socket Adapter: 

DX0001(SuperPro 6100N and SuperPro 6104NGP)

GX0001 (SuperPro 7500 and SuperPro 7504)

Expanded Features

  • The largest device support in the industry
  • Utilizes industrial personal computer (with control card inside).
  • Built-in servo and vision system mode to quickly and accurately locate and complete chip capture, placement, programming and packaging automatically.
  • Four built-in internal SuperPro 5000 modules. Efficiency is much higher than parallel-production programmers because each module burns chips independently.
  • Advantages:
    • Modularizing system design capability.
    • Improved switching time.
    • High throughput (1200 devices per hour).
    • Low price
  • Supports standard Tray & Tape Reel and Tube input & output for IC packages.


  • Throughput Up to 1200 UPH (units per hour) handler index time with zero programming time for SuperBOT-I.
  • Content High performance control card & servo drive system.
  • Resolution X axis: (+/-)0.02mm; Y axis:(+/-) 0.02mm; Z axis: (+/-)0.05mm.
  • Max. stroke X axis: 500 mm; Y axis: 380mm; Z axis:60mm.
  • Pick & Place head placement accuracy (+/-) 0.08mm.

Vision System

  • Camera 400*400 pixels.
  • Vision resolution 0.1mm.
  • Process time per view ~0.5sec

I/O Devices

Tray : The standard I/O device of the machine. Users provide the type and three special positions of the tray, and the system can calculate the position of each chip on the tray.
Auto tray :This device includes Tray in and Tray out. Trays could be added or removed without stopping machine operation (up to 15 trays).
Tape-in Device : An input device for tapes with IC packaging. Devices must be modified for custom IC size.
Tape-out Device :An output device for tapes with IC packaging. It handles tape widths of 12mm to 40mm. The tape can be air-pressed or heat-sealed.
Tube-In Device
Tube-Out Device

Assisted Control

  • Built-in Control : PC-based control with Windows XP.
  • Display : LCD monitor.
  • Data entry : Keyboard & mouse

Software Download & Device List

Software Download Download Device List View Online Device List


Chirag Kapoor has been incredibly helpful with any questions that we have had in regards to our programming equipment. We have used Xeltek for the majority of our programming needs and the responsiveness of your technical services will continue to make Xeltek our first choice for programming.

Warranty Support

Standard 1 Year Warranty: Included with purchase of SuperBOT-I.

The programmer is warranted to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for one year from the date of purchase.

Our goal is to have your engineers trained properly so that they can carry on without a problem. The Factory will set up an onsite set-up and training schedule in conjunction with the customer team.


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