Pre-Sales FAQ: SuperPro 7500

Q.1 : What is the difference between SP7500 vs other Xeltek Programmers?

A: Please refer here to know differences between these programmers: Comparison

Q.2 : Should I use a SuperPro 7500 rather than a SuperPro 6100 for NAND chip programming?

A: Yes, We recommend using SP7500 for faster programming time.

  • Powerful NAND FLASH platform library and exclusive solution for specific cases. Supports dozens of popular NAND FLASH platforms. Quick customization for specific requirements available.

Q.3 : Can I use the SuperPro 7500 without a computer?

A: SuperPro 7500 is capable of operating in stand-alone mode using a SD card.

Q.4 : Is SuperPro 7500 faster than SuperPro 6100 for eMMC programming?

A: SP7500 offers 30% higher programming speed and 8-10 times faster programming speed for eMMC devices as compared to Superpro 6100.

Q.5 : SuperPro 7500 compatible to program multiple chips at once?

A: Yes, with our specialized Gang socket adapters.

  • Many EEPROM / Flash / MCU / eMMC chips are also supported in 2-Gang or 4-Gang mode to increase throughput by nearly four times!

Q.6 : Is my IC supported?

A: Please visit our Device Search Tool to check if your IC is supported and also find the correct socket adapter.

Click Here

  • If you need help in using our Device Search Tool, please click here

Q.7 : What is a Gang socket adapter?

A: It's a special socket adapter that has four sockets per module allowing you to program four chips at once.

Q.8 : How do I use the Gang Socket adapter?

A: Please visit our Gang socket adapter tutorial for better understanding. Click Here

Q.9 : What does the SuperPro 7500 include?

A: SuperPro 7500 comes with

  • Software CD
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • SD Card

Q.10 : Is there warranty on the SuperPro 7500?

A: Yes, all Xeltek SuperPro programmers have two years warranty.

What's in the box?

SuperPro 7500 comes with

  • Software CD
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • SD Card
Optional Accessories

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