SuperPro XPS02 ISP Production Workstation

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  • Work with up to five sixteen-channel ISP programmers (SuperPro IS416)
  • Support up to 80 PCBs programming in parallel
  • Support almost all chips with serial protocol: MCU, serial FLASH & EERROM and parallel eMMC & NAND/NOR FLASH
  • Support ISP programming with multiple chips in one unit
  • Interface include USB 2.0 and LAN
  • Improved programmer software and hardware ensure high-speed, high yield rate and industrial quality reliability
  • Live-action operation interface and user-friendly
  • Complete solution customization, including mechanical parts such as fixture and needle bed and software such as engineering configuration document, resource setting table, super engineering group and live-action interface
  • Customized function-testing software available

Expanded Features

  • High-speed ISP production programmer with industrial grade quality. The ultimate choice for integrating ISP sub-systems.
  • Supports almost all serial chips which include, but not limited, SPI,I2C,JTAG, BDM,UART,MON,SCI,SWD, SBW,C2D,ICC,SWIM,SDQ,DBG,ICE,CSI,LIN
  • Supported manufactures include, but not limited, ABOV,Ali,Altera,Atmel,Catalyst,Cypress,Freescale,Fujitsu,Haier,Hitachi,Hynix,Infineon, IR,ISSI,Lattice,Macronix,Maxim,Microchip,Micron,NEC,Numonyx,NXP,ON, Panasonic, Renesas,Rohm,Samsung,Sanyo,Silicon,Labs,Spansion,SST,ST, Teridian, TI, Toshiba, Winbond, Xilinx, Zilog
  • Programs up to 16 serial chips or 4 parallel NAND,NOR,eMMC chips simultaneously
  • Support ISP serial programming to multiple chips of different models or types in one unit
  • General control ports supply signal isolation, relay isolation, power supply control, click detection, LED expansion display and other control signals
  • High-speed programming with adjustable speed meets board load requirement or ISP cable length
  • Three modes: 1) Online mode. Connected to local PC by USB2.0(high speed) 2) Off-line mode. Using the stand-alone keyboard, LCD display, and mobile memory (standard SD cards), SuperPro IS03 can run independently off-line for flexible production and field setup. Project file size is only limited by the SD card memory size.3) Network mode. Connected to local network, control locally or remotely.
  • Advanced pin-driver technology supplies cleaner signals, wider voltage range and accurate / higher clock frequency. Precise time generators ensure devices with 1.2V-5.0V Vcc higher speed and qualified product ratio
  • Chip safety security mechanism: the built-in precise voltage self-calibration circuit ensures the voltage is within the preset range at any time. The self-diagnosis function continuously detects hardware fault to ensure the machine run normally.
  • Over-current, over-voltage and ESD protection avoids damaging the programmers
  • Powerful DLL, API, Command-Line Commands support Visual C, Visual Basic, Linux and Labview. SuperPro IS03 is easily integrated with ICT, FCT, ATE or testing fixture systems.
  • Powerful software system with user-friendly interface: simplifies operation, improves efficiency and reduces mistakes
  • Project. Simplifies processes such as device selection file loading, device configuration setting, program option, and batch file setting into one step
  • Project Group. Organizes batch processing commands for multiple projects running simultaneously.
  • Super Scale Project Group. Complicated PCBA or multiple combined PCBAs may need multiple programmers to work properly. The Super Scale Project Group is responsible for the work flow across multiple programmers.
  • User operation interface is shown by PCBA
  • Auto Commands. Permit users to create a one-step command to execute common commands such as erasing, space-checking, programming and verification
  • Production Mode. Initiated by an external Start signal. Once the clamp is closed, the system runs automatically. As an off-line programmer, once the chips are inserted correctly into the sockets, Auto Commands will run automatically.
  • Dynamic Buffer. Every chip may have different data to be written, and software can adjust by Xeltek per user's request (i.e. standard and customized series number generator – for MAC address).
  • Log document and production statistics function facilitates quality-tracking.
  • Copyright Protection with SD encryption, document right management and encryption, output limitation and remote control.
  • Expansion. Users can control up to 12 machines simultaneously with a USB HUB or LAN SWITCH.
  • Support JAM/STAPL Player and Direct C
  • Support and recognize almost all known formats automatically
  • Barcode management. Upload documents by scanning order barcodes to eliminate manual mistakes.
  • Customized special functions and algorithm software available
  • Web Programmer + Network management software (optional) create a revolutionary network writing management mode. Project setting, task switching and software updating for all programmers can be finished instantly on a server while quality-monitoring and QC statistic can be done in real time. Such mistakes as empty-writing can be tracked, and the written data is saved only on local or remote servers for data safety.
  • Using a customized socket adapter, SuperPro IS03 can be used as an off-line production programmer, and programs up to 4 chips simultaneously.
  • Compatible with WINDOWS 10/8/7/VISTA/XP
  • CE and RoHS Compliant

Hardware & electrical Specifications

  • Supports all common ISP protocol (i.e. I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MW, JTAG, CAN, RS232). Contact Xeltek for more details.
  • PC interface: USB2.0 (high speed), LAN (100M)
  • Off-line memory media: SD card
  • Keypad and Display:6-key keyboard, LCD display with 40digits x 4lines
  • Power Supply: DC 12V /1.5A. Power adapter
  • Main Unit: Dimension:184 x 160 x 78 (mm); Weight: 0.8Kg
  • Package:Dimension: 310 x 250 x 145 (mm); Weight: 1.65Kg
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50°C. Humidity: 20%-80%

Software Download & Device List

Software Download Download Device List View Online Device List
    • Xeltek updates software and device algorithm upon user request.
    • Please note that algorithm development and support cost will depend on your application and complexity.
    • Contact for the chip support quote.

Product Manual


Speed Comparison


Program + Verify (Sec)

Compare with SP3000U



0.8(P)+0.1(V)= 0.9(s)

1.2(P)+0.8(V)= 2.0(s)

22.1(P)+06.2(V)= 28.3(s)


2.7(P)+1.8(V)= 4.5(s)

5.0(P)+4.0(V)= 9.0(s)



29.0(P)+14.4(V)= 43.4(s)

55.2(P)+41.4(V)= 96.6(s)



2.5(P)+0.4(V)= 2.9(s)

3.3(P)+1.0(V)= 4.3(s)



43.9(P)+14.7(V)= 58.6(s)

72.8(P)+41.4(V)= 114.2(s)



10.1(P)+0.8(V)= 10.9(s)

22.1(P)+06.2(V)= 28.3(s)


5.1(P)+1.1(V)= 6.2(s)


Warranty Support

Standard Warranty: Included with the purchase of SuperPro XPS01 Workstation.

  • Free two-year warranty on hardware repair services.
  • Programmers are warranted to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for two years from the date of purchase.
  • Xeltek covers FedEx Ground when shipping RMA items back to domestic (USA) addresses only
  • International customers are responsible for shipments both ways
  • If board testing is involved for customizing the standard algorithm to meet target board constraints, then algorithm update fee will be quoted on a case by case basis.
  • For technical support, contact Xeltek via Repair Request,Ticketing System, or Forum . Calls will be answered in the order it was received. Due to high volume of calls, representatives will respond faster through written requests via methods above. Calls are accepted during business hours Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (PST).
  • Additional service charge applies to out-of-warranty items.
  • Effective as of October 14, 2013.

Programmer is warranted to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for two years from the date of purchase. For technical support, please contact Xeltek via repair request, ticketing system, live chat or forum; you may also give us a call during our business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 4:30PM (PST)).