CX1033-1 / DX1033-1 Socket Adapter

Please provide your SuperPro model, or socket adapter model DX or CX.

Package: SOIC28 Programmer: SuperPro 6100/6104GP

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DX1033-1 socket has been discontinued by the manufacturer, please order  DX1036-1

Package: SOIC28 Socket Type: Cover Socket Size: 20*40 Pitch: 1.27 Body Size: 7.8 Size1: 9 Size2: 10.5 Programmer: SuperPro 6100/6104GP Note: DX1033-1 and DX1033-2 socket adapter come with different capacitors installed on the bottom side of PCB for programming stability. Some chips require extra capacitors and therefore we have these variations. Using DX1033 instead of DX1033-1 or DX1033-2 may result in programming errors. Please use correct socket adapters as suggested by our device search tool: