WING SHING Device Programmers

WING SHING chips supported by Xeltek Device Programmers

Xeltek is proud to support following Wing Shing Technologies devices on Universal programmers:

WS24C02 [DX0001] WS24C02@SOP8 [DX1045] 
WS24C04 [DX0001]                    WS24C04@SOP8 [DX1045]               
WS24C08 [DX0001]                    WS24C08@SOP8 [DX1045]               
WS24C16 [DX0001]                    WS24C16@SOP8 [DX1045]               
WS24W04 [DX0001]                    WS24W04@SOP8 [DX1045]               
WS24W08 [DX0001]                    WS24W08@SOP8 [DX1045]               
WS24W16 [DX0001]                    WS24W16@SOP8 [DX1045]

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Recommended Programmer Models: