ATO Device Programmers

Ato-solution has been rapid growth on electrical appliances with expansion of special quality; light, think, short, small.

Xeltek is proud to support following ATO Technologies devices on Universal programmers:

AFND1208U1@TSOP48 [DX1004-3] AFND1G08U3@TSOP48 [DX1004-3] 
AFND5608S1@TSOP48 [DX1004-3]        AFND5608U1@TSOP48 [DX1004-3]        
MST8A08B16FMHF@FBGA107 [DX5028]     MST8B08B16FMHF@FBGA107 [DX5028]     
MST8B08B32FMH@FBGA137 [DX5011]      MST9B08B16FMHF@FBGA107 [DX5028]     
MST9B16B16FMHC@BGA130 [DX5140-1]    MST9D08D16FMHC@BGA130 [DX5140-1]    
MST9D08D16FMHF@BGA107 [DX5028]      MST9D08D32FMH@BGA137 [DX5011-1]     
MST9D16D16FMHC@BGA130 [DX5140-1]    MST9F08F32FMH@BGA137 [DX5011-1]     
MST9F08F32FMHC@BGA130 [DX5140-1]    MST9F16F16FMHC@BGA130 [DX5140-1]    
MST9F16F32FMH@BGA137 [DX5011-1]

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Recommended Programmer Models: