Customer Feedbacks

Xeltek is currently the world's #1 programmer manufacturer with distributor sales spanning over 100 locations worldwide. Our objective is to differentiate our service from competitors by providing speedy replies to inquiries within the same day, preventing unnecessary delays. According to our feedbacks below, our partners experience superior support with affordable programmers that set today's programming technology standards.

"We were able to successfully program the devices using the software. Thanks for the quick response and timely support." Mr.Kavyakala- Intel (January 12, 2012)

"Again many thanks to your support !!" Mr.Sigler- Umeantech Ltd (2012)

"Thanks for your fast support." Mr.Le- TULA (2012)

"Thanks you - that is very nice! We are always working hard for our Manufacturer Partners." Mr. Johnson- TJR Global Source (2012)

"Thanks. You are very fast!" Ms. Gao - Umai (2012)

"Thank you very much for your quick response, very much appreciated." Mr. Dyer - Zone All Controls (2012)

"Got my SP5000E this morning! Whaou, super fast, faster than my Wellon!!" Mr. Amiga - End-user (2012)

"Thank you for your kind help everytime." Mr. Miki from - ICZOO Corporation (2012)

"We are able to successfully program the devices using this software. Thanks for the quick response and timely support." Mr. Kala from - Intel (2012)

" Excellent News! We are going to have a very happy end customer on our hands. I'll watch for the tracking number." Mr. Norton from - ProEx (2012)

" The item is here at Mouser. If it was at the customer facility we would definitely let you speak with the customer directly. We know you have excellent support. " Mr. Valenzuela - Mouser (2011)

"Thank you so much for your excellent support!!!" Mr. Hui - Advin (2011)

"Thank you Varsha for excellent customer service." Ms. Brevit - GE Intelligent Platforms, US (2011)

"I really appreciate your support; it is great doing business with you." Mr. Alba G. - Ingenieria Integrada (2011)

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