SuperBOT-6 w/ Built In Tape In/Out 16-Socket Fully Automated IC Programmer


Usually Ships in 15 Business Days

Ultra-High Speed 16-Socket Automated IC Programmer

SuperBOT 6 an automated programmer suitable for device memories such has NAND, eMMC, Nor MCU and Serial Flash.

Superior programming speeds with an output of 1,600 units per hour for devices with programming time less than 50 seconds.

Designed with a dual pick and place nozzle with 4 independent socket pressing actuators, Single CCD camera with built in tape in/out and manual tray.

SuperBOT 6

SuperBOT 6 Tape

Support & Warranty

Xeltek offers free factory training.

5 years additional remote support & 1 year hardware & parts warranty.

Real Time Support  - ClickHere

Device algorithms, SuperPros & SuperBOTs were designed and developed by Xeltek’s dedicated Engineering Team.

Xeltek has been in the industry for over 25+ years, providing quick troubleshooting & support.

Affordable Socket Adapters

Xeltek offers a variety of socket adapters for most package types.

Our socket adapters are sourced from high reputation Socket Manufacturers offering high yield output.

Xeltek socket adapters can accommodate WLCSP, SOT and BGA Size: 2x2mm-30x30mm

We also offer custom socket adapters to accommodate your requirements.


Technology Specifications

Powered by 4 SuperPro 7500

Industrial Computer – Windows Interface

Supports 103K+, with monthly support updates.

Electrical spec. of the AC adapter: AC input 90V to 250V, 50/60Hz, DC output AC 220V ; power:1.5kW

Mechanical parameter: Main unit: Size: 830(L) ×790(W) ×1270(H) mm mm Weight: 195Kg.

Packing Box: Size 980*840*1520mm mm Weight: 262 Kg.

Built-In Tape In/Out & Manual Single Tray

Motion System

Motion System

High Performance Control Card & Servo Drive System.


X axis: ±0.02mm; Y axis: ±0.02mm; Z axis: ±0.02mm; θaxis: ±0.1°


X axis: 1000mm; Y axis: 500mm; Z axis: 40mm

Pick & Place Header Accuracy


Operable Chip Size

Minimum: 2x2mm; Maximoum: 25x25mm

Maximum Throughput

2500 Units Per Hour

Vision System


Dual CCD Card; Upward CCD for IC positioning while the downward CCD for sockets / pick-and-place spot positioning. 512×512 pixels

Field of View


Vision Accuracy △x=△y=0.07 mm, △θ=0.1°

Electrical & Hardware Specifications

Devices Supported

EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA Configuration PROM, FLASH memory (NOR & NAND), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, Microcontroller, MCU, etc.



Power Supply

AAC 200~240V/50~60Hz, single phase

Power Consumption



Clean, pressure: 0.6MPa, consumption: 50 liter/min


Main Machine

Auto Tray


Main machine: 1280 (L) x 840 (W) x 1500 (H)

1100(L)×380(W)×1300(H) mm



Main machine: 450 Kg
Auto tray: 80 Kg
Tape out: 80 Kg

Shipping Dimension

Main Machine

Auto Tray


1280(L) X 840 (W) x 1500 (H) mm

1100(L)×380(W)×1300(H) mm

1100(L)×380(W)×1300(H) mm

Shipping Weight

Main machine: 450 Kg

Auto tray: 80 Kg

Tape out: 80 Kg

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Xeltek is committed to providing excellent support for our international customers. Our global network of representatives and distributors support customers in local time. Select distributors have been factory trained to support all manual and Automated programming support requirements. They can assist with troubleshooting and are equipped with spares modules in the event that an automated programmer needs to be repaired. All distributors can facilitate the handling of product repairs/returns. For urgent issues, customers always have an option to be in direct contact with support engineers in Xeltek USA and Xeltek China.

More than 30 engineers are devoted to developing new programmers, socket adapters and device algorithms. Engineers are fluent in English and provide excellent support through emails, telephone, live chat, and online ticketing system.

  • Quick device update (2 weeks upon customer request)
  • Bi-weekly software updates (Free download)
  • Xeltek provides the first 5 years hand-holding support for free!
  • Xeltek provides free defective hardware parts replacement service for 1 year from the date of installation.
  • Xeltek ships additional emergency spare parts within 24 hours upon request.

With the 2 operations (Xeltek China and Xeltek USA) in conjunction with local support providing 24 hours of continuous support worldwide, we are able to resolve customer technical support issues quickly.

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Our goal is to have your engineers trained properly so that they can carry on without a problem. The Factory will set up an onsite set-up and training schedule in conjunction with the customer team.


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