SuperBOT 2

4-16 Socket Automated IC Programmer

Output up to 1,200 units per hour

Compatible for tray, tape In/out, tube in/out and laser or ink marker.

Great for medium to high volume programming. 

Suitable for Nor flash, MCU, E/EPROM, NAND and other device memories on the market.

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  SuperBOT 2 

Fully Automated IC Programmer - up to 16-Sockets

The SuperBOT 2 is an all-around affordable automated IC programmer. The SuperBOT 2 features tray, tube, and tape I/O, and ink or laser marking. This automated system was designed to accommodate most IC devices on the market such as NOR flash, microcontrollers, NAND, etc. Today, our SuperBOT 2 supports over 106K devices with over 500 different adapters to program many common and uncommon package types. If you're looking for a reliable, high performing, and budget-friendly automated IC programmer the SuperBOT 2 is the clear choice.

Standard Features

Model SuperBOT 2
Units Per Hour 1,200

Nozzles Single
Fixed  Tray
Programmer SuperPro 7500N
Sockets 16
Adapters 4
Vision Check Dual Camera
Tape Input Single
Operating System Windows™
Computer Built-In Industrial PC 

Devices and Packages 

Supports: NAND, eMMC, NOR Flash and other device memories on the market


Size: 2mm - 25mm

Optional Accessories

Tray (up to 20 trays), tape in/out, tube in/out, and laser or ink marking

Support and Warranty

Free factory training

5 years remote support and 1 year parts warranty

Real time support via direct message

Xeltek has been an industry leader for over 25 years, providing affordable reliable machines, quick support and responsive trouble shooting.



Xeltek provides free remote support for up to 5 years exclusive of material cost. 

Many customers come back to Xeltek for an upgrade within this period and use their current machine as a trade-in. 

Save a bundle with Xeltek SuperBOTs.

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