ISP DLL Application


DLL provides all the necessary functions you need to call the programmer hardware to perform programming operations remotely.


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Statement Only authorized users are allowed to use the DLL files and associated documents under the authorization provisions. Any use without the prior permissions constitutes a violation of copyright laws. Xeltek will hold the liable for each violation.

We license a development CD for SuperPro IS01. The CD includes a DLL and relevant files to generate custom software interface to SuperPro programmer hardware. The DLL provides all necessary functions to call the programmer hardware to perform programming operations.

DLL File: $500 / Device
Tech Support: $150 / HR

*The end customer is required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Xeltek. The DLL files will be sent to the end customer directly.

Any additional authorized device costs

$200 / device for the same customer.

Download DLL instructions.

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