Universal Programmer

  • Largest device library in the industry
  • Flexible setup for production programming (Cluster models)
  • Support NAND/eMMC devices
  • Durable 144-pin driver supports sophisticated devices in use today
  • Free software download
Gang Programmer
  • For large development projects and high volume production programming
  • Support 4 or more devices in both PC based and stand-alone configuration (Cluster models)
  • Support a wide range of the most popular devices in use today
  • Equipped with independent programming models for concurrent operations
Isp Programmer
  • Largest serial device support in the industry
  • Fastest in-system / in-circuit programmer
  • Stand-alone (no PC required)
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Interface
  • Support JTAG, I2C, CAN, UART, BDM, MW and much more
Automated Programmer
  • Configurable handler that supports up to 32 programming sites
  • Programs up to 1,600 devices per hour and millions of devices per year
  • Over 80,000 devices supported from over 300 IC manufacturers
  • All-in-one automated programming system with precise alignment technology
  • Remote control via LAN interface
  • Flexible options for tape, tray, tube and marking

Why Xeltek

  • Rated as the #1 programmer provider in the industry with solutions for the widest range of programming applications.
  • Offer the largest device library for both parallel and serial serial programmers in the industry.
  • Contact info@xeltek.com to learn more about our in-system gang programmer (programs up to thirty-two devices simultaneously).
  • LabVIEW driver available for selected ISP models
  • Advanced stand-alone programming technology for efficient production environment
  • Experts in automated programming with customers in both the U.S. and International regions
  • Quick technical support response
  • Same day shipping on 99.9% of orders