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Serial Number Auto Increment

Some applications require that different contents, such as the product sequence number or MAC address, be written in certain area for every chip. This content is called serial number.

SuperPro software presents two solutions to generate the serial numbers:

The first solution is to use the auto increment method. The software generates the serial number by adding the step value given by the user to the last serial number. The format is fixed and it meets the general application requirements.

Example: Programming PIC16F877 chips with serial numbers on 8 byte locations starting from “1" and incrementing in steps of 1:

Set the Automatic Start Address. The buffer address, 43FF, is the last address of the buffer.

  • Set the Automatic End Address à Eighth last address in the buffer
  • Set the increment value as a number less than 10, in this case, 1
  • Set the initial value as decimal 1.

The buffer will look like as shown below:

Insert a new chip, Click “auto":

Buffer data will change and increment by 1 after programming every chip. Therefore serialization feature is also known as the dynamic buffer.

The second solution is to use a user customized software to generate the device serial number for greater flexibility.

User should provide programming requirements for Xeltek to develop a DLL. The DLL will allow operation settings for "dll path" and " serial number file".

The auto serial number function could also be used in the stand-alone for the SuperPro IS01 programmer.

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