SuperPro 7500 - Rental


In Stock, same day shipping if ordered before 9am PST Monday - Friday.

Rent the  SuperPro 7500 universal device programmer.
$599.00 for the 1st month and $240.00 for additional months
Great for rework, chip testing, data extraction and programming.
SuperPro 7500 offers ultra high speed programming for high density chips.
SuperPro 7500 offers up to 4 socket programming great for NAND & eMMC chips.

•Technical support available without additional cost.
•First article available, we program a couple chips for your testing. 
•Project file provided for a play & play solution. Xeltek will generate your project file, based on your data file & requirements. 
•Free data extraction for each project without a data file. Data file will be provided in hex or binary for future use. 
Master chip will be used for data extraction which must not be protected or secured.


 1. Full equipment cost less the 1st month, payment shall be authorized on your credit card. 

 2. Rental shall continue monthly automatically until terminated. 

 3. Any damage caused to the equipment shall be reimbursed. 

 4. Rental payment shall include any applicable tax and shipping charge. 

 5. Return shipping should be postage prepaid.  

 6. 1 month rental minimum  

 7. Security deposit & credit card on file required.  

 8 .Socket adapters not included, adapters must be purchased based on your package type. 

 9. Rental program available for USA & Canada customers.

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Socket adapters sold separately.

To find the compatible adapter for your chip please visit our Device Search Tool.

DIP Socket Adapter: 

DX0001(SuperPro 6100N and SuperPro 6104NGP)

GX0001 (SuperPro 7500 and SuperPro 7504)

Hardware and Electrical Specifications

Devices supported

EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA Configuration PROM, FLASH memory (NOR), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, Microcontroller, MCU

Package types supported


PC interface

USB 2.0, LAN

Stand-alone memory

SD Card

Power supply

AC Adapter: Input AC 100V- 240V; Output: 12V/1.5A


Main unit: 184(L) x 160(W) x 78(H) mm

Package: 310(L) x 250(W) x 145(H) mm


Main unit: Weight 1.80 lbs (0.80 kg)

Package: Weight 3.80 lbs (1.65 kg)

Expanded Features

  • 144-pin Universal driver
  • For standard NOR/NAND FLASH devices and serial EEPROM/FLASH
  • Four chips can be programmed simultaneously (depends on device type and package).
  • Over 59,000 devices are supported in the SuperPro 7500 library. Adapters do not need DIP lock sockets to transfer, resulting in more reliable connections.
  • Powerful NAND FLASH platform library and exclusive solution for specific cases. Supports dozens of popular NAND FLASH platforms. Quick customization for specific requirements available.
  • Built with 144 universal pin-driver. Universal adaptors are available for various packages.
  • The ninth generation of pin-driver technology supplies cleaner signals, wider voltage range, more accurate and higher clock frequency, supports devices with Vcc from 1.2V to 5V.
  • Chip security mechanism with built-in voltage self-correcting circuit to ensure the voltage is within a preset range.
  • Over-current and over-voltage protection for chip and programmer hardware.
  • Powerful, yet user-friendly software features streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce user mistakes during programming operations.
  • Quick free technical and new device support

What is the difference between SuperPro 7500 vs other Xeltek Programmers?

Please refer here to know differences between these programmers.

Should I use a SuperPro 7500 rather than a SuperPro 6100 for NAND chip programming?

Yes, we recommend using SuperPro 7500 for faster programming time. SuperPro 7500 has a powerful NAND FLASH platform library and exclusive solution for specific cases. It supports dozens of popular NAND FLASH platforms and quick customization for specific requirements is available.

Can I use the SuperPro 7500 without a computer?

SuperPro 7500 is capable of operating in stand-alone mode using a SD card.

Is SuperPro 7500 faster than SuperPro 6100 for eMMC programming?

SuperPro 7500 offers 30% higher programming speed and 8-10 times faster programming speed for eMMC devices as compared to SuperPro 6100.

SuperPro 7500 compatible to program multiple chips at once?

Yes, with our specialized Gang socket adapters. Many EEPROM / Flash / MCU / eMMC chips are also supported in 2-Gang or 4-Gang mode to increase throughput by nearly four times!

Is my IC supported?

Please visit our device search tool to check if your IC is supported and also find the correct socket adapter. If you need help in using our device search tool, please click here.

What is a gang socket adapter?

It's a special socket adapter that has four sockets per module allowing you to program four chips at once.

How do I use the Gang Socket adapter?

Please visit our gang socket adapter tutorial for better understanding.

Is there warranty on the SuperPro 7500?

Yes, all Xeltek SuperPro programmers have two years warranty.

If any of your questions is not covered in above FAQs, please refer to our main FAQ page or contact or for further questions regarding this product.

4 Gang Programming on SuperPro 7500

Manual Tray (Standard equipped) Standard I/O device of the machine. Operator will replace the programmed tray from the SuperBot machine manually after the full tray is programmed. Customer does not need to buy any other accessory while using this option.

Auto Tray Device This device is an extension of the fixed tray. It includes tray-in and tray-out and users can put 20 trays into the device. When the machine is running, users can add trays or take out trays without stopping the machine. The auto tray device can also be installed outside of the whole machine and trays can be automatically changed without the need to open the upper cover, which saves tray changeover space and avoid human error during tray changeover. The auto tray device can stack up to 20 JEDEC trays. Watch video

Tape-In Device Electric Tape in feeder. Tape width between 8 and 32mm applicable. Tape-in device can be configured as per the chip to be programmed. For SOIC and TSOP packages customer will need 2-3 types of different tape in the devices depending on the width of chips to be programmed. Watch video

Tape-Out Device Connects to a SuperBOT2 or SuperBOT3 for fully automatic operation. 8-32 mm tape widths can be used with the device. Output reel is sealed with heated tape. Watch video

Tube-In Moves chips in the machine. Chip guider for different chip width (optional). IO is multi feed and upto 8 tubes can be operated at once (optional). Tube IO pages should also be updated accordingly.

Tube-Out Moves chips out of the machine. Chip guider for different chip width (optional). IO is multi feed and upto 8 tubes can be operated at once (optional). Tube IO pages should also be updated accordingly. Watch video

Laser Marker System An optional attachment to the tape-out or the auto tray device for high speed marking. It marks up to 4 characters on the passed chips. Watch video

Tape Ink-Marker Add-on item for tape out machine. On completion of programming the chip can be automatically marked with a point using ink (optional). Watch videoTray Ink Marker Add-on item for auto tray machine. On completion of the programming the chip can be automatically marked with a point using ink (optional). Watch video