Universal Device Programmer Rentals

USB Interfaced Ultra-Fast 144-pin Stand-Alone Universal Programmer
  • Built-in 144 Universal Pin-Driver
  • 100,000+ devices supported from 367 IC Manufacturers
  • Operates in stand-alone (no PC required) and PC hosted mode
  • ARM9 32Bit MCU + Linux ultra-fast algorithm processing engine
  • Supports NAND/eMMC devices up to 256 GB

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Ultra-high Speed Universal Gang Programmer

  • 4 independent programming modules operating concurrently for high speed programming
  • Supports NAND / eMMC devices up to 256 GBBuilt-in 144 universal pin drivers
  • Comes with free device update request support within the warranty period
  • Powerful ARM9 programming processor

Advanced Universal LAN Programmer

  • Powerful new algorithm to program up to 4 chips simultaneously
  • Supports Intel LR1 and LR2 eMMC modules (up to 64 GB)
  • Customized 4-socket gang adapter + programming algorithm (optional)
  • Operates in stand-alone (no PC required), PC hosted and LAN (Local Area Network) mode

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Rent the  SuperPro 7504 universal production device programmer. $1,974.00 for the 1st month and $790.00 for additional months Great for rework,...

High Speed Universal Device Programmer

  • Universal 48-pin driver supports today's most complex devices
  • Improved programming processor for high-speed programming
  • Only IC manufacturer approved programming algorithms used for high reliability
  • In-system programming (ISP) capability