SuperPro Software Key Features 2

The SuperPro software is supported on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Not only does the software support various operating systems, it comes with advanced and powerful software functions. The biggest advantage is its simplicity so that any operator can operate the programmer with little or no training:

Project Files: Users could restore and save work environment. The project file includes device type, buffer data, operation option settings, configuration bit settings and batch commands

Auto function: Organizes different functions into a sequential group (erase, blank check, program, verify and protect). Functions are executed in sequential order similar to a batch command

Production Mode: Once a chip is inserted correctly, the programmer automatically starts batch command for erase, blank check, program and verify. Auto chip detection saves time and increases efficiency.

Dynamic Buffer: Some applications require serial numbers (product sequence number and the MAC address) to be written in the chip. SuperPro software provides a standard serialization method (Auto Increment), but user-defined serial number generation is also available upon request.

Statistics/Log File: A log file could be used to save operation information before exiting the program. Log files can also be used to facilitate quality tracking.

IP protection: Password settings available in both PC and stand-alone mode.

Erase When Blank Check is Error: User can select this option to erase devices if blank check fails. This feature saves wasted time in erasing already blank chips.