What Socket Adapter Do I Need to Program Devices/Chips In-Circuit?

The adapter is called ISP-HEADER01, see Fig. A.2.1 and A.2.2. By using ISP-HEADER01 you can eliminate the physical removal of chips from your system and program your microcontroller, Flash memories, PLDs, and FPGAs using only simple wires. Devices are programmed in the target system or hardware. Typically, there has to be a jumper/DIP switch, which enables in-system programming and a set of serial programming connector (such as an IDC connector), which connects to an ISP programmer.

Xeltek Socket Adapter Socket Adapters
Fig. A.2.1

Xeltek Socket Adapters
Fig. A.2.2

A separate programming algorithm is selected on our software to program a chip in ISP, In Circuit Programming, mode. An ISP mark is placed in front of the device name when selecting this mode of programming on our software. Use our device search tool on our website, www.xeltek.com, to see if your part is supported. Type in your part number and if your part is listed an ISP mark will be placed in front of your part name indicating that ISP mode of programming is supported. Only Xeltek USB programmers support ISP mode of programming.

Additional Information: In order for a device to be programmable on a PCB, or In System, the device has to be designed to be in system programmable and the PCB has to be laid out to be in system programmable. Another way to program a chip in system is to use a large tester such as ATE (Automatic Test Equipment), which offers boundary scan (or JTAG) programming capability. But in this case also, the PCB has to be laid out with the JTAG capability.

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