SuperPro 7000 4-Gang Programming

SuperPro 7000 is a low-cost standalone Gang programmer that comes with a standard 48-pin DIP ZIF socket. Optional socket adapters are also available to accommodate PLCC, TSOP, SOIC, SOP, QFP, TSSOP and BGA package types. Many EEPROM/flash/MCU/eMMC chips are also supported in 4-Gang mode to increase throughput by nearly four times! Each socket module is independent of each other and programming starts automatically when a chip is detected.

SuperPro adapters are made with high quality sockets from Yamaichi, Plastronics, 3M, Sensata and Aries Electronics. These brands are not only reliable but their sockets are specifically designed to have high programming cycle count; suitable for production applications.

Below are some popular 4-Gang socket adapters used with SuperPro 7000.

EX5113-T001-S4: Gang Adapter with four BGA153 sockets

Support eMMC devices such as Kingston KE4CN, Micron MTFC16GLXDV, Sandisk SDIN5C and Samsung KLM.

EX1016-P008-S4-A: Gang Adapter with four SOIC8 sockets

Support Serial Flash devices such as Spansion S25FL, ST M25P16, Winbond W25Q, EON EN25, Gigadevice GD25Q and Macronix MX25L.

EX1004-T001-H4: Gang Adapter with four TSOP48 Sockets

Support NAND Flash devices such as Toshiba TC58, Hynix HY27, Micron MT29F, Macronix MX30LF, Samsung K9F and Spansion S34ML.

EX5104-T001-S4: Gang Adapter with four BGA153 sockets

Support eMMC devices such as Kingston KE4CN, Micron MTFC, Sandisk SDIN5D, SDIN7D, Samsung KLM and Toshiba THGBM

Need to program more than four chips concurrently? No problem!

Four SuperPro 7000 programmers each having a 4-Gang socket can be operated in standalone mode to form a SP7000 Cluster setup capable of programming 16 devices concurrently.

What if my chip is not supported?

Xeltek adds requested chip support to SuperPro 7000 device library upon user request in less than two weeks! Industry standard for algorithm update takes around two to three months. Gang socket adapter support for special package types is also available.

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