Multi-programming with Xeltek SuperPro 7500 Programmers

SuperPro 7500 could be used in a multiprogramming mode for smooth transition from engineering to production. Users can simultaneously operate multiple SuperPro® 7500 programmers by using a hub.

To operate multiple programmers, locate and select Programmer on the software menu, select Module Management, then choose the number of the programmers to be operated. Below is an example of the software interface for simultaneously operating three programmers.

Every programmer has a unique serial number and it will be displayed on the first line of the programmer LCD display. The module that is selected at the time will be highlighted. The device that is going to be programmed can be different type(s) in each of the module that is connected through the hub.

  • In normal mode, all operations (i.e. selecting devices, loading documents and programming) are carried out in the programmer that is selected and highlighted at the time being.
  • In global configuration mode, all the operations are carried out in the programmer(s) that is selected with the check in tick-box(es).

NOTE: Currently, up to 8 programmer can be operated simultaneously so choose a specified hub for XELTEK to connect SuperPro 7500.

Benefits of using multiple SuperPro programmers in production mode:

  • Ultra-Fast programming.
  • Minimal investment in the beginning.
  • Low cost of ownership and easy expandability (1 to 4 units to a single PC).
  • Over 96,000+ devices supported, highest among the gang programmers.
  • All ranges of socket adapters available (Over 1000 socket adapters).
  • Minimal downtime and ease of service.
  • Fast new device update service free of charge (2 free updates).
  • Low labor cost.

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