SuperPro PIC Programmers

Xeltek SuperPro series Universal and Gang Programmers provide great solutions for PIC programming applications. Whether you have a need for development or volume production purposes, with Xeltek SuperPro 610P Programmers you receive these added features:

    • Xeltek 610P Programmer supports over 5400+ different PIC microcontrollers, including PIC 16XXXX, PIC 18XXXX, PIC 10XXXX, PIC 12XXXX, and etc. from 8 to 100 pins.
    • Free software updates available for download at our PIC Programmer software Download Center. The number of new supported PIC devices increases monthly and frequent device update is provided.
    • ICP/ISP supported. ISP Header-01 Adapter (sold separately) is required for ICP/ISP application
    • For the PIC device parallel programming method, (non-ICP/ISP) we provide 1000+ socket adaptesrs including 100s of FBGA packages. More than any traditional PIC programmer out in the market
    • Displays to see the chip configuration option for viewing and modification. Configuration can be saved for later use
    • Validates chip ID prior to performing any chip function to prevent chip damage
    • Validates chip placement and chip-pin continuity prior to performing any chip function to confirm chip placement and working condition of chip
    • Recognized by MICROCHIP as a 3rd party PIC Programmer

In order to list all PIC devices Xeltek supports, please click any PIC family in the below figure:

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