SPI NAND Programming Support on SuperPro 7500 Programmer

Micron and GigaDevice have been pioneer in producing Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) NAND chips. SPI NAND devices are gaining popularity due to several advantages over SPI NOR and parallel NOR flash memory:

    1. Lower cost per bit than parallel NOR Flash
    2. Lower pin count than parallel NOR Flash, suitable for compact PCBs.
    3. Smaller size (foot print) than parallel NOR Flash
    4. Higher density (memory size) than serial NOR flash (four times or more the density of SPI NOR).
    5. Faster programming speed than serial NOR

With strong partnership and support from Micron and GigaDevice, Xeltek launched support for SPI NAND devices on the 4-Gang SuperPro 7500 programmer. All memory densities and variation of chips are supported from 1Gb to 4Gb.

Micron 1Gb to 4Gb SPI NAND Support

MT29F1G01AAADDH4:D(NQ293)(FAST)@BGA63 [EX5046-S4]

MT29F1G01AAADDH4:D(NQ293)@BGA63 [EX5046-S4]

MT29F2G01AAAEDH4(NQ292)@BGA63 [EX5046]


GigaDevice 1Gb to 4Gb SPI NAND Support

GD5F1GQ4UAYIG(FAST)@QFN8 [EX4073-T001-S4 EX4006-T001-S4]

GD5F1GQ4UAYIG@QFN8 [EX4073-T001-S4 EX4006-T001-S4]

GD5F2GQ4UAYIG@QFN8 [EX4073-T001-S4 EX4006-T001-S4]

GD5F4GQ4UAYIG@QFN8 [EX4073-T001-S4 EX4006-T001-S4]

GD5F4GQ4UBYIG@QFN8 [EX4073-T001-S4 EX4006-T001-S4]


In-circuit programming support for SPI NAND devices is also available using SuperPro IS01 and SuperPro IS03 production ISP programmers.

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