PAL-GAL Device Programming

We Support Old PAL and GAL Device Programming Too

Programmable Array Logic (PAL) was introduced by Monolithic Memories (MMI) and GAL (Generic Array Logic) was introduced by Lattice Semiconductor. These chips were popularly used in 1980s and 1990s and are still in use with older electronic designs. PAL devices are OTP (one time programmable chips) and they are programmed using JEDEC/hex files. On the other hand, GAL devices are reprogrammable based on EEPROM technology. The generic design of GAL devices is able to emulate a wide variety of PAL, EPLD and PEEL devices. Therefore GAL devices are direct replacements for most PLD device architectures.

Vector Testing on PAL devices: The test vector table is a special data area. The data buffer in the SuperPro software corresponding to the data is called the test vector table. If a test vector table is included in the JEDEC file, the software loads the test vector table into the buffer during file load. Each line displays one vector and each bit represents one pin test characteristic. The bits from left to right correspond to the pins from the first to the last respectively

PAL and GAL chips support on Superpro Programmers

Currently SuperPro 6100 programmers support more then 600 PAL and GAL ICs from major former makers such as AMD, Lattice Semiconductor, Cypress, National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments. Some GALs (IspGALxx chips) can be programmed in-circuit and supported using the in-system programmer, Superpro IS01 Some of the popular PAL and GAL devices supported are listed below.

Supported PAL/GAL Devices: PAL10H8, PAL10L8, PAL12H6, PAL12L6, PAL14H4, PAL14L4, PAL16C1, PAL16H2, PAL16L2, PAL16L8, PAL16R4, PAL16R6, PAL16R8, PAL20L8, PAL20R4, PAL20R6, PAL20R8, PAL22V10, GAL16LV8, GAL16V8, GAL18V10, GAL20LV8, GAL20V8, ispGAL22LV10, ispGAL22V10

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