NOR / NAND FLASH ISP Programming Solutions

Xeltek ISP programmers such as SuperPro IS01 and SuperPro IS03 are a multi-function, high-speed professional ISP programmers which can be used to program parallel NOR / NAND chips in-circuit. The following two methods of NAND/NOR ISP programming are discussed in detail with their advantages and limitations:

1) Intrusive method of programming parallel NOR/NAND chips in-circuit (Direct programming).

SuperPro IS03 in-circuit gang programmer can be used for programming NAND / NOR flash chips that are already soldered on the PCB. This is called direct parallel programming of parallel chips; up to 50 I/Os may be needed in this case. Data / Address / Control Bus are connected to ISP lines. ISP lines reset the CPU connected to the FLASH chip by activating the RESET pin of the CPU. This way, very high in-circuit programming speed can be achieved as data is transferred in parallel mode. Moreover, up to 4 parallel chips can be programmed using SuperPro IS03. This method is not applicable if nail access (all pin access) is not available. In such cases, non-intrusive ISP methods can be used and is discussed below.

2) Non-Intrusive method of programming parallel NOR / NAND chips in-circuit (Indirect programming via JTAG):

Indirect programming of parallel NOR / NAND flash memories is possible if the flash memories are connected to a JTAG-compliant device (CPU/FPGA/CPLD).

ISP programmers such as SuperPro IS01 or SuperPro IS03 communicate with the CPU via JTAG to program devices by sending codes that will execute device programming. For programming a single PCB, SuperPro IS01 is recommended. For panel (multiple PCBs) programming, SuperPro IS03 (up to 16 PSBs at a time) or SuperPro XPS01 (up to 80 PCBs at a time) is recommended. Indirect programming consists of serially shifting the bits (boundary scan), so this method is slower than the Intrusive method of parallel in-circuit programming. This method is useful nail access is not available on the PCB.

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