FRAM Programmers

Ferroelectric RAM is a RAM which uses a ferroelectric layer to achieve non-volatility. FRAM (FeRAM) is one of the growing numbers of alternative NV-RAM technologies that is similar to flash in functioning. FRAMs are popular due to following main advantages:

  • Fast write speed
  • High endurance
  • Low power consumption

Ramtron, recently acquired by Cypress, is the main supplier of serial and parallel FRAM chips. Xeltek is supporting nearly all members of the Ramtron FRAM family by parallel and in-system programming (ISP). For ISP programming, ISP headers are used on our stand-alone parallel programmers or user could directly perform in-circuit programming with our serial programmer, SuperProIS01. SuperPro IS01 is the industry preferred in-circuit programmer that is portable, stand-alone, and self-powered.

Recommended FRAM programmers:

SuperPro 6100 or SuperPro IS01 (Serial programmer)

FM1208 [CX0001]

FM1208@SOIC24 [CX1033]

FM1608 [CX0001]

M1608@SOIC28 [CX1033]

FM1608B [CX0001]

FM1608B@SOIC28 [CX1033]

FM16W08 [CX0001]

FM16W08@SOIC28 [CX1033]

FM1808 [CX0001]

FM1808@SOIC28 [CX1033]

FM1808B [CX0001]

FM1808B@SOIC28 [CX1033]

FM18L08 [CX0001]

FM18L08@SOIC28 [CX1033]

FM18W08 [CX0001]

FM18W08@SOIC28 [CX1033]

FM20L08@TSOP32 [CX1053]

FM21L16@TSOP44 [CX1046]

FM21LD16@FBGA48 [CX5085]

FM22L16@TSOP44 [CX1046]

FM22LD16@FBGA48 [CX5085]

FM23MLD16@FBGA48 [CX5002]

FM24164 [CX0001]

FM24164@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24C04(P) [CX0001]

FM24C04(S)@SOP8 [CX1045]

FM24C04A(P) [CX0001]

FM24C04A(S)@SOP8 [CX1045]

FM24C04B@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24C04C@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24C08A [CX0001]

FM24C08A@SOP8 [CX1045]

FM24C16(P) [CX0001]

FM24C16(S)@SOP8 [CX1045]

FM24C16A(P) [CX0001]

FM24C16A(S)@SOP8 [CX1045]

FM24C16B@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24C16C@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24C256@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24C512@SOIC8 [CX1044]

FM24C64 [CX0001]

FM24C64@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24C64B@SOIC8 [CX1045]

M24C64C@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24CL04 [CX0001]

FM24CL04@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24CL04B@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24CL16 [CX0001]

FM24CL16@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24CL16B@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24CL16B@TDFN8 [CX0001]

FM24CL64@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24CL64B@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24CL64B-GA@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24V01@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24V02@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24V05@SOIC8 [CX1044]

FM24V10@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24VN01@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24VN02@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM24W256@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25040 [CX0001]

FM25040@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25040B@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25160 [CX0001]

FM25160@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25640 [CX0001]

FM25640@SOIC8 [CX1016]

FM25C160 [CX0001]

FM25C160@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25CL04@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25CL64 [CX0001]

FM25CL64@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25CL64B@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25CL64B@TDFN8 [CX4005]

FM25E64@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25H20@SOIC8 [CX1045#1]

FM25H20@TDFN8 [CX0001]

FM25L04B@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25L16 [CX0001]

FM25L16@SOIC8 [CX1045]

M25L256 [CX0001]

FM25L256@SOIC8 [CX1045#1]

FM25L256@TDFN8 [CX0001]

FM25L256B [CX0001]

FM25L256B@SOIC8 [CX1045#1]

FM25L256B@TDFN8 [CX0001]

FM25L512 [CX0001]

FM25L512@SOIC8 [CX1045#1]

FM25LX64@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25P16@SOIC8 [CX1045]

FM25V01@SOIC8 [CX1045#1]

FM25V02@SOIC8 [CX1045#1]

FM25V02@TDFN8 [CX0001]

FM25V05@SOIC8 [CX1045#1]

FM25V10@SOIC8 [CX1045#1]

FM25V20@SOIC8 [CX1045#1]

FM25V20@TDFN8 [CX4005#1]

FM25W256@SOIC8 [CX1045#1]

FM28V020@SIOC28 [CX1033]

FM28V020@TSOP32 [CX1053]

FM28V100@TSOP32 [CX1053]

FM28V200@TSOP32 [CX1053]

FM30C256@SOIC20 [CX1033]

FM3104@SOIC14 [CX1030]

FM3116@SOIC14 [CX1030]

FM31256@SOIC14 [CX1016]

FM3164@SOIC14 [CX1016]

FM3808 [CX0001]

FM3808@TSOP32 [CX1003]

FRAM from Texas Instruments provides unified memory with dynamic partitioning and memory access speed 100 times faster than flash. Xeltek Superpro 5000 and Superpro 6000 supports MSP430FR57xx FRAM Series MCU from TI:TI FRAM series MCUs (MSP430FR57xx)

MSP430FR5720IPW [CX1001]

MSP430FR5739IDA [CX1027]

MSP430FR5720IRGE [CX4012]

MSP430FR5721IDA [CX1027]

MSP430FR5721IRHA [CX4017]

MSP430FR5722IPW [CX1001]

MSP430FR5722IRGE [CX4012]

MSP430FR5723IDA [CX1027]

MSP430FR5723IRHA [CX4017]

MSP430FR5724IPW [CX1001]

MSP430FR5724IRGE [CX4012]

MSP430FR5725IDA [CX1027]

MSP430FR5725IRHA [CX4017

MSP430FR5726IPW [CX1001]

MSP430FR5726IRGE [CX4012]

MSP430FR5727IDA [CX1027]

MSP430FR5727IRHA [CX4017]

MSP430FR5728IPW [CX1001]

MSP430FR5728IRGE [CX4012]

MSP430FR5729IDA [CX1027]

MSP430FR5729IRHA [CX4017]

MSP430FR5730IPW [CX1001]

MSP430FR5730IRGE [CX4012]

MSP430FR5731IDA [CX1027]

MSP430FR5731IRHA [CX4017]

MSP430FR5732IPW [CX1001]

MSP430FR5732IRGE [CX4012]

MSP430FR5733IDA [CX1027]

MSP430FR5733IRHA [CX4017]

MSP430FR5734IPW [CX1001]

MSP430FR5734IRGE [CX4012]

SP430FR5735IDA [CX1027]

MSP430FR5735IRHA [CX4017]

MSP430FR5736IPW [CX1001]

MSP430FR5736IRGE [CX4012]

MSP430FR5737IDA [CX1027]

MSP430FR5737IRHA [CX4017]

MSP430FR5738IPW [CX1001]

MSP430FR5738IRGE [CX4012]

MSP430FR5739IRHA [CX4017]

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