eMMC Programming Using Xeltek Programmers


eMMC Programming 

Using Xeltek Programmers

Xeltek is the leading provider of programmers supporting high capacity eMMC devices from Hynix, Kingston, Micron, Samsung, Sandisk and Toshiba.

SuperPro 7500 is fast and reliable when programming high density flash devices. Features include support of eMMC NAND Flash devices with up to 256 GB memory space. eMMC integrates Flash controller and high-speed NAND flash memory into a single FBGA package in the form of FBGA153 or FBGA169. FBGA153 package type is supported by the socket adapter GX5104 whereas FBGA169 is supported by GX5113.

Universal and device independent socket adapters with up to 144 pins are available for various packages. All socket adapters do not require connection through DIP adapters, thus increasing the connection reliability. Below is the list of eMMC chips supported by Superpro 7500 and we will be glad to support your chip if it is not listed here:

Xeltek engineering teams constantly analyze user needs in order to provide unique programming solutions.

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Samsung eMMC 4.4.1
Hynix 32nm eMMC 4.4
Kingston eMMC
Micron Managed Nand-> eMMCToshiba eMMC

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32-Socket Automated IC Programmer

  • High Throughput of 2400UPH
  • High Performance Programmers
  • Lan Operation
  • The Most Durable and Reliable Systems In The Industry
  • Largest Device Support
  • Better Yield
  • Powerful and Intelligent Software
  • Lowest Cost In Market
  • Short Change-Over Time
  • Socket Cost and Investment
  • The Best Technical Support
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3968MB (P+V)
1984MB (P+V)
1024MB (P+V)
98 s
52 s
314  s
155 s
56 s
320 s
158 s
58 s
318 s
160 s
62 s

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