Bipolar PROM Programmer

A Bipolar PROM (obsolete now) is a non-volatile memory which usually contains small amount of data and has faster access speed than other non-volatile memories. “BIPOLAR" stands for the transistor technology used in the manufacturing process. Immunity to radiations made Bipolar PROMs popular in space programs, but they are also commonly seen in electronics like vintage arcade games. BPROMS are one-time programmable chips (OTP) and hence the data programmed can never be erased.

Programming BPROM requires high voltage and high current pulse to program; therefore most low cost programmers do not support BPROM chips. Xeltek proudly supports many old BPROM chips on 144-pin driver programmers such as SuperPro 6100. Major manufacturers of old BPROM chips were AMD/ MMI, Fujitsu, Harris, NSC, Philips/Signetics and TI. Below are chips supported by Xeltek Superpro 6100.

AM27LS19 [DX0001]

AM27LS19@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27LS19@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27PS191 [DX0001]

AM27PS191@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27PS191@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27PS191@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27PS191A [DX0001]

AM27PS191A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27PS191A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27PS191A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27PS291 [DX0001]

AM27PS291@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27PS291@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27PS291@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27PS291A [DX0001]

AM27PS291A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

M27PS291A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27PS291A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27PS41 [DX0001]

AM27PS41@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27PS41@SOIC20 [DX1033]

AM27S13 [DX0001]

AM27S13@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S13@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27S13A [DX0001]

AM27S13A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S13A@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27S18 [DX0001]

AM27S18@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S18@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27S180 [DX0001]

AM27S180@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S180@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S180@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S180A [DX0001]

AM27S180A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S180A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S180A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S181 [DX0001]

AM27S181@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S181@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S181@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S181A [DX0001]

AM27S181A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S181A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S181A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S184 [DX0001]

AM27S184@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S184@SOIC18 [DX1033]

AM27S185 [DX0001]

AM27S185@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S185@SOIC18 [DX1033]

AM27S185A [DX0001]

AM27S185A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S185A@SOIC18 [DX1033]

AM27S18A [DX0001]

AM27S18A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S18A@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27S19 [DX0001]

AM27S19@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S19@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27S190 [DX0001]

AM27S190@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S190@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S190@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S190A [DX0001]

AM27S190A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S190A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S190A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S191 [DX0001]

AM27S191@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S191@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S191@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S191A [DX0001]

AM27S191A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S191A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S191A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S191SA [DX0001]

AM27S191SA@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S191SA@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S191SA@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S19A [DX0001]

AM27S19A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S19A@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27S19SA [DX0001]

AM27S19SA@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S19SA@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27S20 [DX0001]

AM27S20@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S20@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27S21 [DX0001]

AM27S21@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S21@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27S21A [DX0001]

AM27S21A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S21A@SOIC16 [DX1033]

AM27S23 [DX0001]

AM27S23@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S23@SOIC20 [DX1033]

AM27S23A [DX0001]

AM27S23A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S23A@SOIC20 [DX1033]

AM27S25 [DX0001]

AM27S25@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S25@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S25@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S25A [DX0001]

AM27S25A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S25A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S25A@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S25SA [DX0001]

AM27S25SA@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S25SA@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S25SA@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S27 [DX0001]

AM27S27@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S27A [DX0001]

AM27S27A@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S280 [DX0001]

AM27S280@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S280@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S280@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S281 [DX0001]

AM27S281@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S281@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S281@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S281A [DX0001]

AM27S281A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S281A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S281A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S29 [DX0001]

AM27S29@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S29@SOIC20 [DX1033]

AM27S291 [DX0001]

AM27S291@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S291@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S291@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S291A [DX0001]

AM27S291A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S291A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S291A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S291SA [DX0001]

AM27S291SA@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S291SA@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S291SA@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S29A [DX0001]


AM27S29A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S29A@SOIC20 [DX1033]

AM27S29SA [DX0001]

AM27S29SA@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S29SA@SOIC20 [DX1033]

AM27S31 [DX0001]

AM27S31@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S31@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S31@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S31A [DX0001]

AM27S31A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S31A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S31A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S33 [DX0001]

AM27S33@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S33@SOIC18 [DX1033]

AM27S33A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

AM27S33A [DX0001]

AM27S33A@SOIC18 [DX1033]

AM27S35 [DX0001]

AM27S35@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S35@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S35@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S35A [DX0001]

AM27S35A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S35A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S35A@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S37 [DX0001]

AM27S37@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S37@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S37@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S37A [DX0001]

AM27S37A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S37A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S37A@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S41 [DX0001]

AM27S41@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S41@SOIC20 [DX1033]

AM27S41A [DX0001]

AM27S41A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S41A@SOIC20 [DX1033]

AM27S43 [DX0001]

AM27S43@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S43@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S43@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S43A [DX0001]

AM27S43A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S43A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S43A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S45 [DX0001]

AM27S45@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S45@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S45@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S45A [DX0001]

AM27S45A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S45A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S45A@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S45SA [DX0001]

AM27S45SA@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S45SA@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S45SA@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S47 [DX0001]

AM27S47@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S47@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S47@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S47A [DX0001]

AM27S47A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S47A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S47A@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S47SA [DX0001]

AM27S47SA@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S47SA@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S47SA@SOIC24 [DX1033]

AM27S49 [DX0001]

AM27S49@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S49@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S49@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S49A [DX0001]

AM27S49A@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S49A@PLCC32 [DX2032]

AM27S49A@SOIC24 [DX0133]

AM27S49SA [DX0001]

AM27S49SA@PLCC28 [DX2028]

AM27S49SA@PLCC32 [DX2032]

MB7121E/H [DX0001]

MB7121E/H@PLCC20 [DX2020]

MB7121L [DX0001]

MB7121L@PLCC20 [DX2020]

MB7122E/H/Y [DX0001]

MB7122E/H/Y@PLCC20 [DX2020]

MB7122L [DX0001]

MB7122L@PLCC20 [DX2020]

MB7123E/H [DX0001]

MB7123E/H@PLCC20 [DX2020]

MB7123L [DX0001]

MB7123L@PLCC20 [DX2020]

MB7124E/H/Y [DX0001]

MB7124E/H/Y@PLCC20 [DX2020]

MB7124L [DX0001]

MB7124L@PLCC20 [DX2020]

MB7127E/H [DX0001]

MB7127E/H@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7127L [DX0001]

MB7127L@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7128E/H/Y [DX0001]

MB7128E/H/Y@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7128L [DX0001]

MB7128L@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7131E/H/L [DX0001]

MB7131E/H/L@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7131E-SK [DX0001]

MB7131E-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7131H-SK [DX0001]

MB7131H-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7131L-SK [DX0001]

MB7131L-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7132E/H/Y/L [DX0001]

MB7132E/H/Y/L@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7132E-SK [DX0001]

MB7132E-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7132H-SK [DX0001]

B7132H-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7132L-SK [DX0001]

MB7132L-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7132Y-SK [DX0001]

MB7132Y-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7133E/H [DX0001]

MB7133E/H@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7134E/H/Y [DX0001]

MB7134E/H/Y@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7137E/H [DX0001]

MB7137E/H@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7137E-SK [DX0001]

MB7137E-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7137H-SK [DX0001]

MB7137H-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7137L [DX0001]

MB7138E/H/Y [DX0001]

MB7138E/H/Y@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7138E-SK [DX0001]

MB7138E-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7138H-SK [DX0001]

MB7138H-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7138L [DX0001]

MB7138Y-SK [DX0001]

MB7138Y-SK@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB7142E/H [DX0001]

MB7142E/H@PLCC28 [DX2028]

MB71A38 [DX0001]

7610A [DX0001]

7611A [DX0001]

DM54LS471 [DX0001]

DM54LS471@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM54S188 [DX0001]

DM54S188A [DX0001]

DM54S287 [DX0001]

DM54S287A [DX0001]

DM54S288 [DX0001]

DM54S288A [DX0001]

DM54S387 [DX0001]

DM54S387A [DX0001]

DM54S471 [DX0001]

DM54S471@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM54S472 [DX0001]

DM54S472@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM54S472A [DX0001]

DM54S472A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM54S472B [DX0001]

DM54S472B@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM54S473 [DX0001]

DM54S473@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM54S473A [DX0001]

DM54S473A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM54S474 [DX0001]

DM54S474A [DX0001]

DM54S474B [DX0001]

DM54S475 [DX0001]

DM54S475A [DX0001]

DM54S570 [DX0001]

DM54S570A [DX0001]

DM54S571 [DX0001]

DM54S571A [DX0001]

DM54S571B [DX0001]

DM54S572 [DX0001]

DM54S572A [DX0001]

DM54S573 [DX0001]

DM54S573A [DX0001]

DM54S573B [DX0001]

DM74LS471 [DX0001]

DM74LS471@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM74S188 [DX0001]

DM74S188A [DX0001]

DM74S287 [DX0001]

DM74S287A [DX0001]

DM74S288 [DX0001]

DM74S288A [DX0001]

DM74S387 [DX0001]

DM74S387A [DX0001]

DM74S471 [DX0001]

DM74S471@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM74S472 [DX0001]

DM74S472@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM74S472A [DX0001]

DM74S472A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM74S472B [DX0001]

DM74S472B@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM74S473 [DX0001]

DM74S473@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM74S473A [DX0001]

DM74S473A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

DM74S474 [DX0001]

DM74S474A [DX0001]

DM74S474B [DX0001]

DM74S475 [DX0001]

DM74S475A [DX0001]

DM74S570 [DX0001]

DM74S570A [DX0001]

DM74S571 [DX0001]

DM74S571A [DX0001]

DM74S571B [DX0001]

DM74S572 [DX0001]

DM74S572A [DX0001]

DM74S573 [DX0001]

DM74S573A [DX0001]

DM74S573B [DX0001]

82S126 [DX0001]

82S126A [DX0001]

82S129 [DX0001]

82S129A [DX0001]

82S130 [DX0001]

82S130A [DX0001]

82S131 [DX0001]

82S131A [DX0001]

82S140 [DX0001]

82S141 [DX0001]

82S191 [DX0001]

82S191A [DX0001]

82S191B [DX0001]

82S191C [DX0001]

N82LS135 [DX0001]

N82LS135@PLCC20 [DX2020]

N82S123 [DX0001]

N82S123A [DX0001]

N82S135 [DX0001]

N82S135@PLCC20 [DX2020]

N82S136 [DX0001]

N82S137 [DX0001]

N82S137A [DX0001]

N82S137B [DX0001]

N82S137C [DX0001]

N82S146 [DX0001]

N82S146@PLCC20 [DX2020]

N82S147 [DX0001]

N82S147@PLCC20 [DX2020]

N82S147A [DX0001]

N82S147A@PLCC20 [DX2020]

N82S147B [DX0001]

N82S147B@PLCC20 [DX2020]

N82S167 [DX0001]

N82S23 [DX0001]

N82S23A [DX0001]

82S105 [DX0001]

82S105@PLCC28 [DX2028]

82S152 [DX0001]

82S152@PLCC20 [DX2020]

82S153 [DX0001]

82S153@PLCC20 [DX2020]

82S155 [DX0001]

82S155@PLCC20 [DX2020]

82S157 [DX0001]

82S157@PLCC20 [DX2020]

82S159 [DX0001]

82S159@PLCC20 [DX2020]

82S167 [DX0001]

82S167@PLCC28 [DX2028]

82S168 [DX0001]

82S168@PLCC28 [DX2028]

82S173 [DX0001]

82S173@PLCC28 [DX2028]

82S179 [DX0001]

82S179@PLCC28 [DX2028]

TBP28L42N [DX0001]

TBP28P42 [DX0001]

TBP28S42 [DX0001]

TBP28SA42 [DX0001]

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