SuperPro 7500 Standalone Guide

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SuperPro 7500 Standalone Guide

Step 1: Creating a project file:

1.Select Device

  1. Load Data File


  1. Save the Project after selecting device, loading file and set configurations.

Step 2: Next you will load the project file into the flash card.

Step 3: Click on Send Project and locate the project file

After sending the project file you are ready to use the unit in Standalone.


Turn off the SP7500 and unplug the USB then turn on unit to enter standalone mode.

 Step 4: Then use the keypad to navigate to 2) Select Project

Step 5: Select the project file you wish to use.

Step 6: Now you are ready to program, insert the chip and navigate to 1)Run then press Enter

To enter production mode, select 5) Mass production

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