Device Configuration

If a chip has configuration word settings, configuration word needs to be set before programming to ensure that the chip can be used on the target system. The configuration words for some devices are located in the user data file, and can be written into configuration word buffer automatically when loading data file. For some devices, user should manually make the selection.

Some microcontrollers allow special working modes, such as the storage area mapping, watchdog timer, clock, or encryption. These special modes could be set through the Device Configuration Word option in the SuperPro software. Figure 1 illustrates configuration word settings for the DALLASDS 89C420 chip.

Figure 1: Configuration word contains the Watchdog POR and three protection modes.

Figure 1: Configuration word contains the Watchdog POR and three protection modes.

Some microcontrollers include many items for the configuration word setting. The items may appear on separate tabs or pages. Make sure to set all items before programming a chip. The input of the configuration word can be divided several ways: 8bit (byte) edit box input, 16bit (word) edit box input, single choice input (select and deselect, choose one out of two) , and multiple choice input (choose one out of many) .
The configuration words for chip programming are classified into two categories:

    1. If the configuration word contains protected items, then items cannot be verified after programming. The programmer automatically shields the protected items and writes the other items during programming. Select Security or Protection to write the protected items.

NOTE: If None is selected as the Protection option, the system does NOT carry out an operation when performing Security or Protection.

    1. In some devices, the configuration words cannot be separated, so the system does not write the configuration word while programming. To write the configuration word in these cases, select the corresponding item, such as Write_Option in the SuperPro software.

Device configuration word varies with different devices, so settings must meet target system requirements and the Device Data Manual. Some FLASH devices also use configuration word for protect operation and to execute / display the segment protection. Please refer to "Device Operation Function Window".

NOTE: Some devices can set erase segments. Simply erase the specified segment set by the user.

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