Common Xeltek SuperPro Memory Card Errors

Please find couple common questions usually SuperPro users experience:

Q: I am using SuperPro 6100/7500/611S programmer and getting CF card error on LCD screen whenever I press any button. Please help.

A: Please insert a Compact Flash card in programmer before pressing any button on your programmer. If you don't have CF card then please use the programmer in PC mode.

Q: When I insert 2GB CF card into SP611S, "Project FAT Error" message appears on LCD.

A: You may be copying project file on Compact Flash card using a memory card reader/writer which is incorrect mehod. Please download project file on CF card of SuperPro 611S using SuperPro 611S software only.

    1. Please connect the SuperPro 611S programmer (or other SuperPro Standalone Programmers) to the PC. Insert CF card and open the software.
    2. Now download the projectfile on CF card
    3. Restart the programmer to operate it in standalone mode.

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