Common Errors and Solutions

What do the programmer error messages mean?

  • Please edit 'Auto' first: The Auto sequence is blank. Click Edit Auto and add erase, blank check, and program, verify functions and try again.
  • Enter a string to search for: The Hex Edit Search dialog box is blank. Make sure to enter a specified string or ASCII codes to search for in the Buffer Edit dialog box.
  • Search pattern not found !: The system did not find a matched string or ASCII code.
  • User chip is MfgID = 0089, DeviID = 0051: This display on the Operation Information window indicates that the chip's ID detection function detected a different ID than specified in the manual.
  • ID check error: The operation stops because of the ID check error. If you have good knowledge of this chip, you may ignore the ID error and continue the operation. Exercise caution to avoid damaging the chip. When the ID is unmatched, the system searches for matched devices and display them in the Operation Information window.
  • Pin check error. Ignore: The system indicates an error during the pin check. Ignore it and continue.
  • Programmer not found: The programmer is not connected to the PC or it is connected improperly. Check the USB2.0 connection and restart programmer, superpro software.
  • Programmer not ready: Turn off the programmer and turn it on again after a few seconds.
  • Programmer is running: The programmer hardware is operating. Wait until the operation is finished.
  • File open error: The open file operation failed.
  • Production mode isn't available for this chip: Since the production mode is dependent on the pin check, the chips without pin check function are not applicable for production mode.
  • User cancel: The system displays this message after you select Cancel on the Status bar.
  • Can't cancel: It is displayed when an operation cannot be canceled.
  • Not a project file: The file selected is not a project file. After the software is updated, the software may not be able to identify a previously created file. You will need to create the file again

Insertion Test Errors

The following error messages may occur during the Insertion Test.

  • No device in the socket: The system did not detect a device in the socket. Insert a chip or try to re-insert it.
  • Find non-connection or poor pin contact: The system detected poor pin contact. Check the pin contact. If you find nothing wrong with the connection of the noted pin(s) replace the chip with another in case the first chip is broken. The pin number refers to DIP chip's pin number or the adapter's pin number.
  • Device inserted backwards or damaged: Take the chip out, reverse it, and insert it again properly. If the problem still exists, the chip may be bad.
  • Device inserted upwards 3 slots: The chip has been inserted improperly. Refer to Device Information box in the software for proper instructions to insert the chip.
  • An unmatched device (40 pins) inserted: If the system detects pin contact errors for a chip with more than 48 pins, it displays the serial number of the DIP socket of the programmer. Check the adapter.

For any insertion test error messages, choose one of the following options.

  • Select Abort to stop the programming.
  • Select Retry to run the Insertion Test again after correcting the problem.
  • Select Ignore to continue the program.

Tip: Do not use chips with residue solder on the pins as it may damage the socket.

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