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A common question regarding test fixture integration is how it affects warranty coverage. In cases where cards have been removed for test fixture integration: Xeltek cannot extend warranty coverage in cases of mishandling, poor workmanship or ESD exposure. However, professional integration of the SuperPro IS01 card set does not automatically void the warranty. In cases where the ISP card set has been removed from its supplied housing, warranty coverage is solely at our discretion.

Xeltek also has a wide range of free and fee-based support services specifically geared towards supporting automated test applications.

2D / 3D CAD files are available on request.

  • 2D PDF files show PCB mounting holes and connector locations
  • 3D files are available in STEP or IGES format
  • Additional file formats can be supplied if available

Custom turnkey optimization of ISP algorithms Support requirements are:

  • Approved quotation with supporting purchase order. Based on customer-supplied requirements, relevant schematic(s) and technical description of ISP interface.
  • Customer has option of also supplying a simulated ISP interface to improve degree of ISP optimization (also reduces technical risk with higher probability of turnkey results).
  • Pre-paid shipping of two, known good, reference samples.One is used for algorithm development and both are used for verification.Test panels with two or more PCBs are also acceptable and verification can be performed on all samples provided.

NOTE: A strict Unilateral NDA is provided with the quotation. When a project is completed, Xeltek retains archive copies of custom ISP algorithms with purchase order information and PCB part number/revision level embedded as metadata. Customers may request return or destruction of all other supplied information and materials.

On a limited basis, additional custom ISP services are also available. For example, custom MCU-Assisted routines to program attached parallel memory (eMMC, eSD, parallel NOR flash, etc.). Our MCU-Assist team can also provide design-specific test functionality within, or without, JTAG functional test scenarios. All Xeltek MCU-Assist services are quoted to customer specification. Code security and programmability assessments may also be requested as part of any custom ISP project. Xeltek stands ready to support all your ISP challenges with the best products and services available.

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