SuperProIS01 ATE Interface

SuperProIS01 is equipped with an Automated Testing Equipment (ATE) interface control port. The ATE port is used for integration with the automatic programming and test equipments, providing the possibility of operating and controlling programmers through external signals. Examples of automatic programming and test equipments are computer peripherals, automotive systems, consumer products, and medical diagnostics.

Gang Programming using the ATE Interface:

  • Target PCB(s) are placed on a Bed-of-Nail fixture with multiple SuperProIS01 connected to the fixture's ATE port via an ATE cable.
  • Depending on X amount of PCBs to be programmed, there must be a Secure Digital (SD) card for X number of SuperProIS01.
  • Closing the lid on the ATE fixture using the closure handle will trigger the switch signal to high, thus activating the target PCB ports to program devices on multiple boards.

SuperProIS01 used with a Bed-of-Nail fixture arbitrate concurrent gang programming for in-system programming.

Bed-of-Nail Fixture