Multi-Chip ISP programming using SuperPro IS03

SuperPro IS03 programmers support almost all serial devices including MCUs, serial FLASH/EEPROMs, and most parallel memory devices such as eMMC and NAND/NOR FLASH. It is a 96-pin driver programmer with 16 channels (6 I/O x 16 channels= 96 pin drivers) as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: SuperPro IS03 Interface

Figure 1: SuperPro IS03 Interface

SuperPro IS03 supports most ISP devices to program 16 channels simultaneously. Four parallel high pin count chips, such as Nand/eMMC, can be programmed at the same time. The layout for various channels is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: SuperPro IS03 channel layout.

Figure 2 also demonstrates the 16-ISP channels on the SuperPro IS03 (CH A1, A2, A3, A4, B1,B2, B3,B4,……D3,D4).

Figure 3:PCB panel with 16 PCBs

Common SuperPro IS03 Question:

Q. Can SuperPro IS03 be used to program PCB panels with different chips?

A. Yes, SuperPro IS03 can very well handle PCB panel with different or the same chips.

A type devices: Serial protocol devices (serial flash/ serial MCU/ serial EEPROM chips)

B type devices: Parallel devices such as NAND/NOR FLASH and eMMC

If there are two different types of devices on the same PCB, each devices could be programmed by using the Group Project feature.

Examples of multi-chip programming for various PCB panels:

Case 1: A type (serial chip) device: panel of 16 PCBs. All chips are of the same type.

Case 2: A type (serial chip device): Panel of 8 PCBs. Each PCB has two different type of serial chips.

Case 3: B type (parallel Nand /Nor/eMMC chips). Panel of 4 PCBs Each PCB has a parallel chip.

Case 4: One PCB with multiple different serial chips (A type) and some parallel chips (B type) devices.

Multiple panels could be programmed concurrently by using multiple SuperPro IS03s in Stand-alone mode or via eight SuperPro IS03s connected to a USB hub.

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