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In-System Programming Made Easy with LabVIEW

Xeltek in-system (ISP) programmer, SuperPro IS01, can now program serial devices under LabVIEW! Integrating SuperPro IS01 onto an existing LabVIEW environment can now be a simple task. Previously, users had to purchase DLL functions and create a set of custom VIs for integration, taking days and resulting in expensive engineering time. The LabVIEW driver package is ready to be used in the test program with very little need of coding and customization. For using labview driver, user just have to purchase dll license which is one time fees of $500 per Superpro IS01 programmer and $200 for additional programmer authorization. 

  • SuperPro IS01 is an industrial and production grade Universal Serial programmer
  • Capable of being integrated into an In-Circuit Test environment for automated production operation
  • Multiple units may be installed and operated in stand-alone mode for programming of various devices concurrently
  • devices including serial E(E)Proms, MCUs and other types are supported as of November 2013
  • SuperPro IS01 is designed to operate with a PC or in stand-alone mode for production setup
  • Built-in ARM9 and Linux O/S provide fast programming of most devices.

Xeltek is introducing a set of LabVIEW VIs for all programming functions necessary to run SuperPro IS01 serial programmer. Generate project file with SuperPro IS01 software (refer to the SuperProIS01 handbook for more details), then simply use LabVIEW to operate the ISP programmer. Click here for function descriptions.

LabVIEW Functions

Standard Functions

Auxiliary Functions

Advanced Functions (Optional)



Create Project



Multi-Devices Control


Get Status

Customized Serial Number Generation


Get DLL Version


Blank Check




Get Client IP


Secure (Protect)

Get Server IP


Save File (Set Read Save)

Set Client IP



Set Server IP


Load Project


Unload Project


Release Buffer


Reload Buffer


Read Buffer


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