In-System Programmers for Industrial Applications

Xeltek has solutions to risk factors that are involved with in-system programming (noise, interference, impedance, clocking...). For industrial applications, numerous problems arise if in-system programming (ISP) is done with a parallel programmer via an ISP header. Parallel programmers restrict the target board to be programmed at a particular distance (usually less than a couple of inches). SuperProIS01 is a serial programmer with an ISP cable that can program a target board up to 3 feet (1M) in distance. Beside the cable line drive ability for long distance applications, the advanced in-system driver allows operating speed to be adjusted for execution timing purposes.

There will be great amount of technical support needed for both in-system engineering designs and volume production. As an addition to providing competent programmers, product technical support is just as important to meet production deadlines. Xeltek has multiple engineering teams dedicated to assist with general in-system programming support to complicated DLL development (third party system interface using the automated testing equipment(ATE) port).

In-System Programmer Comparison

Xeltek Phyton Segger(6) Dataman(7) Wellon
Model SuperProIS01 Chipprog-ISP 5.07.01 FLASHER ARM Dataman 48Pro 2 VP-ISP20
PC Controlled(1) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stand-Alone(2) Yes No No No No
ATE Interface(3) Yes No No No No
Serial Pin Driver(4) Yes - Yes No -
Variable Clock(5) Yes - Yes No -
Desktop Use Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Industrial Use Yes No No No No

(1) PC is required for operation.
(2) Operation without a PC, Removable SD card stores files (up to 63 files), Project files can be selected via ATE port control, Data security accomplished by removing the SD card and stored in a safe place, Manual control is available via built-in keyboard and display.
(3) Programming operation can be controlled from ICT (in-circuit tester) automatically.
(4) Up to 3 feet (1M) distance to target board allowed.
(5) Operating speed can be adjusted to feed target environment.
(6) Segger programmers are made especially for a particular group of devices. The Flasher ARM only programs Flash MCU devices.
(7) Old Elnec parallel programmer with limited serial device programming support.

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