What Separates SuperPro From All Other Programmers?

Superiority Details Benefits to the user
Experienced Over 30 years of experience in programming hardware with continuous innovation. Low-risk investment.
Supported Devices More than 99,800 devices supported from 369 IC manufacturers as of June 2016. Long-term investment: The number of memory device supported is an important factor that needs to be considered before purchasing any Universal programmer.
Programming Speed Xeltek incorporates leading edge technology in programmer designs to deliver the highest programming speed possible. Higher throughput means lowering operation cost and increasing revenue.
Quality Service Excellent technical support available via live chat, email, phone and live remote demonstration. Software is updated every two weeks with hundreds of new chips added to the library. Quick response and great service will reduce project delay.
Quality Product SuperPro is a global brand with over 10 million units shipped. Distribution is available worldwide in over 47 countries. Easy to use and reliable.
Product Range Low-cost yet high-end programmers available for applications from in-circuit to fully automated NAND Flash programming. Various solutions available for any kind of programming requirements.
Fast Delivery Programmers and almost all socket adapters are stocked and can be shipped as per customer's requirement. Stops unnecessary waiting time due to unreasonable lead times.
Price Value True universal socket adapters available for 144-pin programmers. Users do not have to buy multiple PLCC52 socket adapters for different PLCC52 chips. Most programmer manufacturers only carry smaller pin count programmers which require different socket adapters for memories with the same package type. One Xeltek PLCC52 (DX) adapter will work for all PLCC52 chips.
Strong relationship with IC manufactures Xeltek is located in Silicon Valley and have strong ties with IC manufacturers. Chip support requests are completed in shorter time than our competitors. Faster support due to quick access of chip samples and programming specification.
Independent R&D SuperPro products are self-developed with full independent intellectual property rights. Xeltek is able to meet customers' short-and long-term interests when customization is needed.

Two programmers in one: Stand-alone and PC mode operations

Xeltek SuperPro, the best programmers in the industry, comes into two different types of operations: Stand-Alone and PC mode operations. In PC mode, programmers are easily manageable/configurable with SuperPro user friendly software installed personal computers while supporting all of Windows operating systems. Supporting of USB 2.0 connectivity is an advantage for better and faster performance. In stand-alone operation, it is not required to have the programmer connected to a PC. Our Stand-alone Universal programmers are perfect solution for volume production. You can cluster as many SuperPro programmers as you want to manage your production line.

Largest device support in the industry

Do you need to program different devices all the time? Are you tired of searching for a programmer that support a specific device each time? Who wants to pay many times for several cheap programmers?

With today's budget, paying once for a programmer with the largest device support that keeps increasing is a better investment than paying less for a programmer with very limited device support. Xeltek universal device programmers support more than 92,300 different devices with various package types. Hundreds of new devices are being added to Xeltek's support list every month.

When there is a requirement to program a new device on a non obsolete programmer, which in rare cases not supported by SuperPro programmers, just let us know. The device will be added as we receive support request from our valuable customers.


Telephone answered by a live representative and live chat provide expedient support to customers. Device Search function on our website allows one to quickly find device(s), socket adapter(s), and programmer(s) supported.

One stop shopping

Full range of product offerings from engineering to production:

    • Universal programmers
    • Gang programmers
    • Serial (In-system programming) programmers
    • Semi automated to fully automated programmers

Technology edge

    • The best dual-mode programming for engineering and manufacturing
    • Most device support in the industry (100,300+)
    • Comprehensive socket adapter support (1000+)
    • Fastest ARM7/9 MCU employed for ultra fast performance

Company stability and outlook

    • The company has been in business for more than 30 years and growing each year
    • Non-stop development and introduction of new products
    • Currently owns the largest market share in the industry worldwide
    • The best performance, price, value, and supporting company in the industry