Low to High Volume Programming Solutions

SuperPro Production Programmers

SuperPro 6100 Cluster SuperPro 7100 SuperPro 7500 Cluster SuperPro 6104GP SuperPro 611S Cluster
Ultra-High Speed Stand-Alone Gang Programmer Ultra-Fast High Speed NAND Flash Gang Programmer High Speed NAND Flash Gang Programmer Ultra-high Speed Universal Gang Programmer High Speed Stand-Alone Gang Programmer
  • The most powerful device programmer in device support with over 96,000 Chips supported.
  • High programming speed
  • Universal package adapters
  • 144pin Universal Pin-Driver
  • Dual Operation Modes: PC hosted and stand-alone
  • Free software update
  • Ultra-high programming speed
  • Programs four devices in parallel
  • Triple Operation Modes: PC hosted, network and stand-alone
  • Manage up to 8 programmers in one GUI
  • Industrial grade quality and reliability
  • eMMC programming speed 10 times faster than previous 144-pin programmers.
  • Universal package adaptors
  • Engineering and production programmer in one unit. 4-socket gang adaptors available
  • Triple Operation Modes: PC hosted, network and stand-alone
  • Ultra-high speed universal concurrent gang programmer
  • Built-in 144 universal pin-driver
  • Four independent universal programming modules in one unit.
  • USB2.0 interface as fast as SuperPro 6000.
  • Operate multiple SuperPro 611S in stand-alone mode for cluster programming.
  • Recommended for lower pin count chips (less than 48 pins).

SuperBOT Automated Programmers

Key Benefits of Automated SuperBOT programming

  • SuperBOT machines can be used continuously 24 hours a day
  • Time required to process a typical production order through the factory is generally reduced with automation.
  • Less manpower needed for operation thus saving cost of operation. Two workers needed for manual operation can be reduced to one worker in the Automated operation.
  • Less manhandling of production line reduces human induced errors and failures resulting in higher reliability.
  • Reduction in the number of hours worked on average per week by factory workers.
  • One person can supervise many SuperBOT machines; once SuperBOTs are programmed they can usually be left to work by themselves.

High volume production programming (Fully Automated programming)

SuperBOT-2 SuperBOT-3 SuperBOT-4
16-Socket Automated IC Programmer 32-Socket Automated IC Programmer 16-Socket Automated IC Programmer

SuperBOT-2 is designed for large-scale production of electronic products. The device has accurate auto chip placement, auto programming, and a whole process of chip packaging, thus replacing traditional manual operations. Programming houses can benefit from improved production efficiency and eliminate the majority of human errors during the IC programming process. In addition to what the first generation SuperPro-SB01 offer, this model specializes in eMMC, NAND FALSH, serial FLASH / E of 2 PROM and other large capacity memory devices. Throughput capacity increased by nearly 30 times compared to SuperBOT-1.

SuperBOT-3 contains four pick & place nozzles, eight socket pressing actuators, and two tape feeders. Embedded with eight ultra-high speed programmers, users could program up to 32 sockets simultaneously! Throughput is 60 times higher than SuperPro-SB01 for eMMC devices and could reach up to 1600 UPH. Over 96,000 devices from more than 300 IC manufacturers are supported. Other benefits of this automated programmer includes laser and ink marking, short change-over time, intelligent and user-friendly software, and system compact size.

SuperBOT-4 is designed for small to medium automated programming projects. The device includes a tray with automatic chip pickup and placement for programming sockets. The entire programming procedure is automated, thus replacing traditional manual operations.

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