Device Count by Variants

How often have you looked at a programmer device list and got blown away by the fantastic number of device listed, but only to find yourself disappointed because your device could not be found? Some programmer manufacturers have decided to show high device count so called by the variants method.

Be wary of device library claims that are inflated with inconsequential part-number variants. Xeltek is very proud of both the superior range and integrity of our device library. You can count on Xeltek to provide the best device programming solutions right now and in the future.

Example: AM27C010-120DEB, AM27C010-120DI and AM27C010-120DIB are only variants of AM27C010 with the same programming algorithm.


Xeltek Device List

  • Xeltek shows 3 selections for the AM27C010 device with the TSOP32 and PLCC32 package type.

SuperPro501S 36,400+ devices supported from 220 manufactures.

SuperPro500P 29,800+ devices supported from 214 manufacturers.

SuperProM 20,000+ devices supported from 158 manufacturers.

BX48 Device List

  • For the DIP package alone, BX48 shows 55 variations for the AM27C010 device. The PLCC32 package listing shows more than 20 variations.
  • The BX48 programmer does not have a choice for the TSOP package, so devices with this package are not supported.
  • The listing of different variations for the same package type is a great inflation (55x) on the BX programmer series.

Galep-5D Device List

  • The Galep-5D programmer list the supported device by Name, Package type and Variants. Listing multiple numbers only serve to confuse customers.
  • Listing device name quantities does not tell customers how many manufacturers are supported.
  • Galep-5D claims to be a high-end programmer with more than 62,133 device supported by variants. The 62,133 gives an illusion that it is similar to the 77,000+ devices supported by Xeltek, but Xeltek list the supported devices by package type (industry standard).
  • Listing the devices by variants inflate their quantity by 3X.

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