Cyber Monday: 20% Off All SuperPro Models Including Socket Adapters

by Freddy Christensen

Get 20% off all SuperPro programmers including universal programmers, production programmer, in-system programmer and socket adapters by entering the coupon code below when checking out at

Promotion is only valid for 24 hours and starts on Monday November 28th at 00:00 PST. Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other promotions or discounts and does not apply to SuperBOT automated programmers.

All SuperPro programmers from comes with 2 years USA warranty including technical support and regular device updates.

Get a Free Socket Adapter When Buying SuperPro 610P or 611S

by Freddy Christensen

Buy a SuperPro 610P or SuperPro 611S to get 1 FREE socket adapter from the list below and save up to $225.00! To take advantage of this promotion, tell us which socket adapter you want in the comments section when checking out on our website or click the button below to request for a quotation via email.

Request For Quotation

Socket Adapter Price Package Type Bottom PCB Width (mm) Length (mm) Pitch (mm)
SA015A1T $105 PLCC32/D32 B001 14.10 14.10 1.27
SA028 $195 SDIP42 B005 15.24 15.24 1.78
SA245A $225 QFP44/D44 B005 10.00 10.00 0.80
SA247 $175 TSOP48 B005 18.40 12.20 0.50
SA247-B4806 $175 TSOP48 B4806 18.40 12.20 0.50
SA413A $195 PLCC28 B005 11.50 11.50 1.27
SA602A $105 SOIC8 B001 4.00 6.00 1.27
SA626A $155 SSOP34/D34 B001 5.30 5.30 0.65
SA717 $125 SOT5 B006 1.63 1.63 0.95

The promotion is valid until November 15 2016

Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other promotions or discount

Do you have any questions?

Ask Us Now

Xeltek Now Supports More Than 100.000 Devices - Universal Programmer Giveaway!

by Freddy Christensen

Xeltek SuperPro 610P Giveaway

Rules: 1 winner will receive a SuperPro 610P Universal programmer. Multiple entries are allowed. You can share this contest to earn extra entries.The giveaway start September 19th 8am PST and ends October 16th at 12pm PST. The winner will be selected at random and announced via email on October 17th. No purchase necessary.

MRAM chips programmed on SuperPro 6100 to reach Mars soon!

by Freddy Christensen

Xeltek is proud to support chip programming of MRAM devices which have low access time, data retention and footprint, as well as radiation performance. MRAM is the best memory technology to be used in space! High-reliability aerospace component maker Cobham (formerly Aeroflex) says that its MRAM chips were used in the payload of the ExoMars program that will soon reach Mars (in October 2016).

List of MRAM products from Everspin Technologies, Inc supported on Superpro 6100 high speed programmer:

M24A16B@FBGA48 [DX5085] M24A16B@TSOP44 [DX1046] MR0A08B@FBGA48 [DX5085] MR0A08B@SOIC32 [DX1069]
MR0A08B@TSOP44 [DX1046] MR0A16A@FBGA48 [DX5085] MR0A16A@TSOP44 [DX1046] MR0A16B@FBGA48 [DX5085]
MR0A16B@TSOP44 [DX1046] MR0D08B@FBGA48 [DX5085] MR0DL08B@FBGA48 [DX5085] MR10Q010@SOIC16 [DX1072#1]
MR20H40CDC [DX4005#1] MR20H40CDCR [DX4005#1] MR20H40CPU [DX0001] MR20H40MDC [DX4005#1]
MR20H40MDCR [DX4005#1] MR20H40MPU [DX0001] MR256A08@FBGA48 [DX5085] MR256A08@SOIC32 [DX1069]
MR256A08@TSOP44 [DX1046] MR256A08B@FBGA48 [DX5085] MR256A08B@SOIC32 [DX1069] MR256A08B@TSOP44 [DX1046]
MR256D08B@FBGA48 [DX5085] MR25H10CDC [DX4005#1] MR25H10CDCR [DX4005#1] MR25H10MDC [DX4005#1]
MR25H10MDCR [DX4005#1] MR25H256CDC [DX4005#1] MR25H256CDCR [DX4005#1] MR25H256MDC [DX4005#1]
MR25H256MDCR [DX4005#1] MR25H40CDC [DX4005#1] MR25H40CDCR [DX4005#1] MR25H40CPU [DX0001]
MR25H40MDC [DX4005#1] MR25H40MDCR [DX4005#1] MR25H40MPU [DX0001] MR2A08A@FBGA48 [DX5085]
MR2A08A@TSOP44 [DX1046] MR2A16A@FBGA48 [DX5085] MR2A16A@TSOP44 [DX1046] MR4A08B@FBGA48 [DX5085]
MR4A08B@TSOP44 [DX1046] MR4A16B@FBGA48 [DX5085] MR4A16B@TSOP48 [DX1007] MR4A16B@TSOP54 [DX1010]

For more information on MRAM programming support, please contact

Reference: MRAM Info

SuperPro IS01 now supports over 10.000 devices - Save $100!

by Freddy Christensen

Xeltek development team has achieved an unbelievable milestone for the device programming industry! Xeltek has now more than 10.000 devices supported on SuperPro IS01 which is the highest for any in circuit or serial programmer in the industry. To celebrate this, we offer $100 off for SuperPro IS01.

Mobile Chip Forensic Tools

by Freddy Christensen

Flexible In-System Programmers

by Freddy Christensen

Request a quote with FREE SHIPPING now!
Offer ends April 30, 2016

Save time and leave ISP debugging to us!
SuperPro XPS01 is an industry-grade solution for high throughput in-system programming. Simply provide Xeltek with a sample board and Gerber file to get your customized needle board designed. Time will be saved from debugging the system because the SuperPro IS03 would be completely wired and fully operated with the provided PCB panel.

Xeltek SuperPro Product Line-Up 2016

by Freddy Christensen

Xeltek SuperPro Product Line-Up 2016

Download PDF here.

Free Shipping March - April

by Freddy Christensen


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